5 Things you Must-do in Cape Cod

Cape Cod, or “The Cape” as most new englanders call it, is located in eastern Massachusetts and is one of thee (if not thee) most popular summer vacation spot in all of New England.

5 things you must do in Cape CodBesides the abundance of beautiful ocean beaches and fresh sea food, The Cape is packed full of unique small towns over-flowing with charm, history, and attractions to interest everyone.


It’s common when asking a New Englander about the geography of the cape that they would curl their arm as if to show off their biceps and use that as a way to locate cities and other places in the cape. By looking at the picture below you can tell how accurate the comparison really can be.


Hit the beach

The cape has 560(!) miles of coast line. That’s a LOT. The great thing about the cape is not only how MANY beaches, but the quality of the beaches is amazing. Silky soft sand, clear water, well kept beaches. Beware: some of the most popular beaches can be packed full of people during the busy summer season.

IMG_0590Eat a lobster roll

I’m warning you..they are expensive. This one ran me $30. Granted it was a huge portion and you will not find seafood any fresher any where else. What really takes it above and beyond is if the roll is lightly toasted. The extra little bit of crunch it adds is perfect.


Take in a Cape Cod League baseball game

The Cape Cod Baseball League (CCBL) produces more big league baseball players than any other summer college baseball league in the entire country. Not only is the baseball quality, but the atmosphere is great. All games are free of charge and while most stadiums have bleachers, fans are encouraged to bring their own chairs to sit on.

Note: these games do not serve alcoholic beverages. I repeat: baseball without beer. My one and only gripe.


Visit “the islands”

The Cape includes the islands of Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket, which lie just south of upper Cape, mid Cape, and lower Cape. Both of the islands attract a wealthy crowd so prices on the islands tend to be steep. If you’re looking to stay on a budget think about making it a day trip. ferry’s run all day and are priced reasonably enough to make it worth the savings of staying on the islands.


Explore the rail trail

The Cape Cod Rail Trail is one of the best ways to see multiple cities of the cape. Going all the way up to the northern most part of the cape to provincetown, and coming all the way down past harwich the 22-mile paved trail can be walked, biked, rollerbladed and even horse backed. Make sure to budget time to stop at some of the unique shops and restaurants along the way. You won’t regret it.

5 Must-doThings in Cape Cod

What are some of your favorite things to do in Cape Cod?


  • This is certainly on my list for next summer!

    • i think you’re going to loveeeeee it! πŸ™‚

  • Finally!! I’ve been waiting sooo long for you to blog about your trip hahaha I was going to text you soon if you hadn’t put a post up! πŸ˜‰ Girl, you can get an amazing lobster roll in my town for 12-15$! I can’t believe you had to pay $30! Aside from that, the cape sounds like a much larger version of my area!

    • haha sorry i’ve been a bad blogger lately! but omg $12-$15?!? the cape is kind of expensive so i think that has something to do with the steep prices, buuuuut I’m not one to put a price tag on deliciousness.

  • I wish we had made it to the vineyard but it sounds like you definitely hit up all the stops! I miss the cape… I haven’t been to Chatham in over a year. The cape is expensiveeeee but it’s one of those places you just have to go.

    • exactly! it has such a unique vibe to it, and i think each little town has it’s own flare and personality.

  • i <3 the vineyard!

    • lol. it’s like a whole other world!

  • This is a great round up of all the places on the Cape!

    • thank you so much! definitely all of my favorite things to do! πŸ™‚

  • Marty and I really wanted to take an upper east coast trip before we had a baby but it looks like that won’t be happening πŸ™‚ Cape Cod is one place I’m just dying to visit. I’ve heard nothing but rave reviews of the area and the pictures are just breathtaking. I would love to do each of the five things you’ve mentioned (especially eating a fresh lobster roll – yum!) Thanks for the little list. I’ll need to remember these when we decide to take our trip up that way.

    • yes! everyone should experience it at least once. the thing is that most people love it so much they keep coming back! be prepared to be hooked! πŸ™‚

  • I’ve never been to the Cape and this is a great guide! I’ve never heard of the cape looking like a bicep, what a fun fact! No wonder the Kennedys love the Cape, looks beautiful!

    • hahaha it’s so funny that you say that because when ever i mention the cape people are always like “ooooh where the kennedy’s live!” haha.

  • Uncle J.

    Nice to see you have surfaced!!

    • i’m alive and well uncle joe!! πŸ™‚ haha