The Best Alabama Craft Beer

One of the travel commandments I live by is “do as the locals do”. I follow this commandment in all aspect of travel but especially when it comes to food and drink. I make it a point to drink local beer wherever I am. That means when I’m in Wisconsin, I drink Wisconsin beer. When I’m in Arizona, I drink Arizona beer; and when I’m in Asia, you can bet than I’m not going to be drinking a Heineken.

Alabama may not have the abundance of craft breweries that other states do, but what they lack in variety they make up in quality. Next time you find yourself in Alabama don’t miss these beers!

The Best Alabama Craft Beer 

Ya’ll Light Lager

Railyard Brewing Company — Montgomery, Alabama

Railyard Brewing Company is Montgomery’s one and only craft brewery. Lucky for me, Railyard’s brewery and restaurant is right in the heart of downtown, and just a few blocks from the stadium where my fiancé’s team played all their home games. Ya’ll Light Lager was the first Alabama craft beer I tried when I moved to Montgomery. This beer is perfect for your usual Miller Lite or Bud Light drinker. It’s a light easy beer that goes well with anything and is sure to please anybody.

Deadhead American Pale Ale

Railyard Brewing Company — Montgomery, Alabama

Another Railyard brew makes the list! I first had the Deadhead American Pale Ale while grabbing lunch with my sister at the Railyard Restaurant and Brewery. I had tired the Ya’ll Light Lager and really enjoyed it, but I was in the mood to try something with a bolder flavor. The Deadhead American Pale Ale was perfect. American Pale Ale’s, or APA’s, have a rich bodied happiness to them, but tend to be much less bitter in flavor than their cousin, the India Pale Ale, or IPA.

Deadhead American Pale Ale, Railyard Brewing Company

Naked Pig Pale Ale

Back Forty Beer Company — Gadsden, Alabama

The Naked Pig Pale Ale might be my #1 favorite Alabama craft beer. It is beer perfection in my book. It’s got flavor and hops but at the same time it goes down so incredibly smooth.

A little tip: A Pale Ale and an American Pale Ale are the same thing. An India Pale Ale is not the same thing as a Pale Ale or an American Pale Ale. Follow?

Pale Ale + American Pale Ale + APA = Same things

Pale Ale + American Pale Ale + APA + India Pale Ale + IPA = not the same things

Naked Pig Pale Ale, Back Forty Brewing Company

The Bearded Lady 

Good People Brewing Company — Birmingham, Alabama

I love breweries that get creative with their beer names, so of course this beer caught my eye. I wasn’t even sure what type of beer The Bearded Lady was but I knew I had to tried it just based on its crazy name! This brew is Good People Brewing Company’s take on a Wheat Beer (for all of you who are unfamiliar, a few common Wheat Beers are Blue Moon and Shocktop). Wheat Beers are light in color but are unfiltered so they are cloudier than your typical light beer. They also usually have a subtle tart flavor that comes from some kind of citrus fruit like lemon or orange (hence why Blue Moon is always severed with a orange slice).

good-ppl-bearded-ladyphoto via

Amber Ale

Blue Pants Brewery — Madison, Alabama

I never knew I liked Amber beers until I worked as a server in a restaurant with 25 rotating beers on tap and was required to try each of them. Every time there was a stout or a IPA on tap I guzzled it as quickly as possible just to get it over with, but I loved almost each and every Amber that we ever had on tap. To this day it’s one of the first beer types I look for when ordering at restaurants and breweries. Blue Pants Brewery isn’t getting any extra points for name creativity on this one, but they did brew up a good Amber Ale. I found this beer to be a little richer in flavor than what I’m used to from most Ambers but it was still smooth and went down easy.

Blue Pants Brewery Amber Ale

I Think Therefore I Amber

Fairhope Brewing Company — Fairhope, Alabama

Another Brewery that does good work on the creative names for their beer, so Fairhope gets extra points in my book on their I Think Their For I Amber brew. This Amber is extremely dark in color, looking almost like a stout, but don’t let its deep color keep you away. This beer is top notch and my favorite Alabama Amber beer.

Alabama may not have a ton of craft breweries, but the ones they do have are top notch. These are the craft beers you need to drink next time you find yourself in Alabama.

 Are you a craft beer fan? Do you try local beer when traveling somewhere new or stick to the same stuff no matter where you go?


  • More amazing beer I need to save for later! Never been to Alabama but would love to see more of it than just the freeway! haha #WanderfulWednesday

    • haha! trust me, I feel that way about a lot of places! the freeway is so deceiving!

  • i am the same as you with food, but not so much with alcohol lol. i like to stick to what i know. but KC is all about trying new beers when we travel, so i’ll have to pin this if we ever make it to alabama 🙂

    • definitely all about trying the local food! i even tried oysters in New Orleans! haha. not my favorite but glad i tried them!

  • Yes! I love Deadhead APA- I’ve only had it once but it seriously was sooo good!

  • I usually keep as far away from Norwegian beer as possible cause I know that I only like German ones. I’m such a patriot when it comes to beer, haha 😀 But my boyfriend loves to taste new beers, especially craft ones!

    • seriously, the german’s know beer! I’m of german decent so maybe that’s where i get my love of beer from? haha

  • lol. Amused at the name of “I think Before I Amber”. I’ll have to share this post with my husband. I’m not much of a beer fan, but he is. Plus, we live in Georgia so getting to Alabama is super easy. 🙂

    • that name also made me laugh! i love when breweries get creative with their beer names. my favorite is the bearded lady. doesn’t get more unique than that!

  • I love trying out new things, especially when they’re specific to the place that I’m visiting. Craft beer is definitely something that has blown up recently, but I love it because they’re usually so good! The only time I don’t drink local when I’m out and about is when I find out that they have Shiner, and then I always go for my Texas beer!

    • when I’m in Wisconsin, I almost always drink new glarus spotted cow. It’s only available in wisconsin and it’s my favorite beer of all time, so when i’m home i need to get my fill 🙂

  • This is such a great list! You know so much about beer. I have to admit I’m jealous. I need to like take a class or just read some articles soon so I know what I’m talking about. I do know that I love wheat beer, so the Bearded Lady looks like it would be a good fit! I’m also more of a .. “Oh that’s a funny name” than a “oooo a Pale Ale” type person haha, so I probably would have gone for that one anyway! Love that you travel like a local. It’s the best way to travel! 😀

    • it took me such a long time to know anything about beer. in my friend group i’m now known as “the beer girl” but it’s taken me a while to get there. haha.