Barbados: From Coast to Coast

This just in: Barbados is amazing.

If my little teaser of pictures last week didn’t entice you enough then have no fear, I have more wonderful things to report. Barbados was the perfect location for our honeymoon and we had the best time.

Barbados isn’t a big island (21 miles long by 14 miles wide), but despite its small size I wouldn’t consider it the easiest place to get around for someone who doesn’t know where they’re going (or someone who is still freaked out in countries where they drive on the left side of the road ****).

Enter, the Exotic Barbados tour with Williams Tours.

Barbados from coast to coastGuys, this tour rocked our world, and it was honestly one of the best decisions we made the entire trip. This 80 mile 6 hour tour took us around the entire island. We got to see all of the highlights Barbados had to offer, and we got free rum punch and a delicious lunch buffet of local Bajan cuisine. Our tour guide, Scott, was awesome and answered all my questions (yes, I’m that person on the tour with all the questions). Truthfully, I can only sit still on a vacation for so long before I get restless. Yes, we spent many days reading and falling asleep in a beach chair by the ocean; and yes, it was glorious. But I need to do things! I naturally like to be busy so, even on vacation, I wanted to see it all.

Lucky for me, this tour did just that! Let me tell you about it.

The West Coast

The West coast is often referred to as the “Platinum Coast”. It is home to beautiful beaches, luxury resorts, multimillion dollar homes, and some of the best restaurants on the entire island. Loads of A-list celebs have homes or condos on this coast (think: Rihanna, Prince Harry, and Simon Cowell just to name a few). Speightstown is a sleepy little coastal town, but Holetown is the place to be for amazing (AKA – extremely high end) shopping (think Louis Vuitton, Gucci, etc). Our accommodation was located on the West Coast so we got to know this part of the island very well.

Stops made:

  • Holetown
  • Speightstown




The North Coast 

The North Coast is truly spectacular. Get your wide angle lens or your panoramic setting on your phone ready because this is the perfect spot to use it! While the West Coast is known for its soft sand beaches, the North Coast is known for its rocky, rugged cliffs and private coves.

We visited on a really windy day and the ocean was roaring! We watched huge waves crash into the cliffs sending water everywhere. It was super cool to see! Unfortunately, this area of the island isn’t the best for swimming (for obvious reasons I just stated). On days when the ocean is quieter, you can visit Animal Flower Cave, which is known for its awesome view. It was closed on the day we visited because of the rough water conditions. Another cool thing about the North Coast is that you can see where the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea meet.

Stops made:

  • Animal Flower Cave
  • Cherry Tree Hill



Cherry Tree Hill, Barbados

The East Coast 

If I had to choose, I would say the East Coast was my favorite and surprised me the most. It’s an awesome and unique combination of the beautiful beaches of the West and the stunning rock formations of the North. Some of my favorite scenery from our entire trip was on this coast. My camera was flashing like crazy! Bathsheba is not only picture perfect, but it’s also one of the most popular places for surfing. St. John’s Parish Church has tons of history and also has a view to die for.

Stops made:

  • Bathsheba
  • St. John’s Parish Church




The South Coast 

The most metropolitan of all of the coasts is hands down the South. Both Bridgetown, the country’s capitol city, and Oistins, a popular fishing village, are located on the South Coast. Bridgetown is also the country’s port city, meaning that during peak cruise season, anywhere from 2-5 cruise ships arrive each day. Oistin’s  is home to a legendary fish fry. The big night to go is on Friday, but any day or night of the week you can make your way to Oistins and get some of the freshest most delicious fried fish around.

Stops made:

  • Oistins Town
  • Bridgetown



BarbadosIf you’re looking to see the entire island I can not recommend the Exotic Barbados tour with Williams Tours enough. The quality of the tour and the price cannot be beat!

Barbados is a tiny piece of Caribbean heaven! Each coast is different from the next and there's always something beautiful waiting around the next corner! This coast to coast guide will tell you what to expect on each edge of the island.


Have you been to an island thats so diverse on each side?


  • You got some of the most gorgeous pictures!!

    • I’d love to brag, but literally you could not take a bad picture here. lol

  • Barbados looks so incredible! Even though it’s a small island, it seems like each section of the island is different and has its own something special about it! Don’t worry, I’m that person that asks questions on the tour as well!

    • LOL! sometimes I feel like I shouldn’t ask so many questions, but I’m always like screw it, I WANT TO KNOW!!

  • Fabulous photos! We stop in Barbados on our cruise. We’ll spend most of the day on a small group catamaran but will probably wander the port area for a while as well.