Eating Beignets at Morning Call in New Orleans

When I started planning a trip to New Orleans everyone I asked for suggestions told me I needed to try beignets. I had never been to New Orleans so I had absolutely no clue what a beignet even was.

After some quick research, I found out beignets were essentially French pastries that are fried and served with heaping amounts of powder sugar and washed down with a traditional French coffee drink, cafe au lait.

IMG_6382Most people will tell you Cafe du Monde is home to the best beignets in all of New Orleans. The constant line out the door at Cafe du Monde will probably attest to that, but we had heard rumors that a coffee shop in the middle of City Park called Morning Call served up beignets that were just as good (if not better!) than Cafe du Monde.

morning-call.jpgThe charm of Morning call is definitely undeniable. Everything from the wait staff attire to the indoor decor screams ‘authentic’.

While the crowd at Morning Call was steady the entire time my friend and I were there, it’s safe to say this place is still considered a hidden gem compared to its tourist trap cousin, Cafe du Monde.

We coincidentally were bellied up to the counter next to some gentlemen who were locals of New Orleans and who confidently told us that Cafe du Monde is where the tourists go and Morning Call is where the locals go.

IMG_6378  We each got an order and then after having our minds blown ordered some more. #noshame. I am now a believer and can confidently join the ranks of people who tell everyone planning a trip to New Orleans they need to try beignets. 

If you go

  • a single order of beignets comes with 3 deep-fried pastries
  • if you order a ‘coffee’ you will be severed a cafe au lait (coffee with hot milk added)
  • powdered sugar canisters are plentiful on each table. feel free to load it on.
  • don’t wear black (see above point)
  • Morning Call and Cafe du Monde are both open 24 hours a day

Beignets are famous in New Orleans! Don't leave without trying this fried French pastry!

If you’ve had Beignets before, what did you think?


  • Sarah P

    YUM. New Orleans has never been on my list of places I need to travel to, but one day I hope I do get there to try these.

  • Oh these look SO good!

  • Oh yum! These look seriously good, definitely a great tip not to wear black when tucking into these treats! Thanks for linking up to #CityTripping

    • Thanks for guest hosting this week! My friend actually wore black and we were laughing over how much powered sugar ended up getting on her clothes, haha.

  • I’ve never been to New Orleans, but my husband bought a box of Cafe Du Monde beignets to make at home, and they are seriously the best thing ever! In France they are even better (albeit different). I’d like to go to New Orleans in the future, and when I do I’ll have to keep your beignet tip in mind. (But I might check out CDM too just for comparison purposes!). 🙂

    • i saw they sell the mix in boxes to take home! trust me, I hear you about comparison purposes. I think maybe i’d have to go back and forth between the two for several weeks before i found a clear winner 😉

  • You definitely have to eat some beignets when in New Orleans! I love that you found where the locals go, and I’ll definitely want to check that out next time we’re visiting!

    • we wanted to ALSO stop at cafe du monde to compare, but the line was always so insane! my next trip there i’ll make it a priority!

  • Open 24 hours a day? That is what I call dedication. I will like to try both versions. #noshame (love the hashtag!)

    • haha! dedication is right! there’s definitely the demand for them 24 hours a day.

  • This post was so delightful and had me dreaming of those yummy things! I have been to New Orleans once but its been years!! Your pics are so lovely! Happy Traveling….#traveltuesday

    • thank you so much, Valerie! trust me I’m still dreaming of them as well 🙂

  • I haven’t been to NOLA but I’ll make sure to try Beignets when I do!

    • yay! you’ll fall in love! i’m positive about it! 🙂

  • I’ve never tried beignets, but I’ve heard if I ever try one, it NEEDS to be in New Orleans! They look SO yummy!

    • I second that!! i’m trying to find somewhere in Alabama that makes them too because I cannot go without them now that I know how amazing they are.

  • Those look absolutely incredible. I would be heaping on the sugar like there’s no tomorrow! And how great that you found the place that the locals go. That’s always a winner. Now I’m off to see if anywhere sells gluten free beignets…

    • haha! I was way too conservative with my powered sugar at first, but I quickly learned and then was heaping it on like no tomorrow 🙂

  • Mellissa Williams

    Having recently returned from New Orleans I must say they donuts in Cafe Du Monde were nice but the staff were a bit rude. Still nothing better than a jam donut from the UK 🙂 #citytripping. Loved New Orleans though, what a fantastic place!

    • agh sorry to hear the service was lacking at cafe du monde, the service was fair at Morning Call, but nothing awesome. I guess when they have a product thats so amazing their service doesn’t have to be great to get fans.

  • Mmmm sweet deliciousness! I’d love to try these 🙂

  • Clare Thomson

    I have such wonderful memories of eating beignets at the Café du Monde years ago. Next time I’ve got a good excuse to try them in two different places! #citytripping

    • haha, I completely agree! i’m definitely making it to Cafe Du Monde next time. there’s a place called cafe beignet that’s suppose to be pretty good as well. I’ll HAVE to go there too 🙂

  • Wander Mum

    I have never heard of beignets! Thanks for educating me… I now REALLY need to go to New Orleans to try them out! xx

  • I’m a fan of beignets. We had them in a few places in New Orleans! I liked takeout at Cafe du Monde and eating them looking out over the river.

    • Next time i’m in new orleans i’m definitely going to give cafe du monde a try. The constant line was obnoxious to me, but taking them to go like you did sounds perfect.

  • This is something I’ve always wanted to do! Sounds like you had a great time.

    • definitely do it! it’s one of those quintessential new orleans things you must do when visiting the city.

  • i’m so mad because when i went to new orleans on my first trip to the US, i wasn’t a very good planner and didn’t hear anything about beignets, so i didn’t have any!! that was.. um.. 7 years ago? so obviously i need to go back and do NOLA right. yum.

    • I mean it’s been two weeks since I’ve last been to New Orleans and i still feel like it’s been to long without beignets. lol. the best news is you can buy the beignet mix in boxes so you can make them at home!

  • Yummmmmmm! It’ll probably be a while before I can visit New Orleans, but I know what will be my first bite! Thanks for linking up for #TravelTuesday!

    • great to hear it, Katrina! and great to “meet” you through the link-up 🙂

  • Don’t you love when you find a hidden local gem thats even better than the tourist trap! That’s when you know you’ve made it 😀 These look so delicious. I’m doing a whole 30 right now and could literally eat an entire plate of these!! or two ….

    • definitely not whole 30 approved, but definitely one of the best things i ate during my entire trip in New Orleans. We actually stayed at an Airbnb and had an amazing host who has lived in New Orleans a long time and had some great suggestions for us. She told us about Morning Call and we knew we had to stop. yay for doing as the locals do 🙂

  • Noel Boquet

    I have to agree totally…. i did the taste test and thought Morning Call was better… should have not worn that black over sweater tho lol…