Best & Worst: 2015 Tony Awards

For those that don’t know, The Tony Awards are basically the Oscars of the Broadway world. Winning a Tony is a very highly respected achievement in the Theatre world.



J Lo in Vanetino Couture


Praise the Lord she’s not naked!! If you remember my last red carpet recap, I was completely annoyed at all the women who are in their late 30’s-40’s who keep showing up on red carpets basically naked..(ahem, J Lo, Beyonce, Kim Kardashian). This is how you dress appropriately and still look sexy and elegant. Without a doubt one of my favorite looks of the night.

Annaleigh Ashford in Zac Posen


This is a tough color to pull off and it’s not normally a color I would like, not to mention the backdrop is green so wearing something green can be tricky, BUT her skin tone and light hair really help in pulling this look off. I think she looks fabulous.

Debra Messing in Zac Posen


Take notes red heads! This color is almost always going to be fabulous for you. I love how she paired the smoky eye with this dress. I think it really brings the whole look together. The cut on the shoulders of this dress is not my favorite, but in this case I don’t hate it. Also, slicked back hair I usually hate, but hers does not look greasy or gelled so I’ll give it a pass. Overall, she looks great.

Ashley Tisdale in Solace London


Again one of my absolute favorite looks of the night. Fun and youthful, but sophisticated. I think she could have done better with the necklace, and I’m not a fan of the center part, to me it’s a little harsh for the outfit. I picture her hair pulled back but more elegantly and loosely.

Beth Behrs in Gauri and Nainika


Taylor Swift showed us a dress with this same high-lo cut to it not that long ago and it was by far my favorite look of the awards season, so naturally i love this dress too. the color looks great on her and the hair and make-up is spot on as well. the dress seems a little long in the back. it shouldn’t be bunching quite so much on the ground. so a little hemming is needed, other than that, beautiful.


Ruth Wilson in Ralph Lauren 


The top of this dress is a $6 t-shirt from Target and the bottom is a bad prom dress from the ’90’s. Add in the fact that this dress is too long and needs to be hemmed and the fact that a severely dropped waist is incredibly hard to pull off. It all adds up to a big hot mess.

Kendall Jenner


Seriously, what is this fabric? Velvet? Dyed astro turf? What ever it is, it is horrible, and it adds so much bulk to her slim and beautiful figure. Look at how saggy her armpit looks in her posing arm, that’s nothing but a bad fit. Red carpet pet peeve #1: a bad fit.

Ashley Greene in Jason Wu


Someones stylist didn’t call ahead of time to ask what the red carpet backdrop would be. Tisk tisk!!! All I see here is a floating head, arms, and ankles. Honestly, even if  I could tell where the backdrop ends and she begins I would still hate nearly everything about this dress.

Carey Mulligan in Balenciaga


This might be one of the most awful dresses ever created. She’s basically wearing a colorful sack. That is the worst neckline known to mankind, and seriously, what is that slit in the fabric in the middle of her chest? It looks like one of those hidden pockets they put in running shorts to keep your car or hose keys in. Does she not have anyone to hold her house keys so she resorts to wearing the worst dress ever created? I’m just so confused.

Constance Jablonski


Lets negate the fact that this is THE ugliest maxi dress I have ever seen in my life and her hair looks like she spent 5 hours on the beach before arriving..since when is it appropriate to wear a maxi dress on an awards show Red Carpet? NEVER. The answer is NEVER, it’s NEVER appropriate. Eww, just eww.

Who are your best and worst dressed from the Tony Awards?


  • I totally agree about J Lo! She looked so elegant. I think this is so much more flattering on her than her past sheer choices. DRESS YOUR AGE LADY!! Also, I love Debra Messing’s choice! I think she is so stunning. I need to wear this color more often. Ashley Tisdale looks great, too!

    • i knew you would be as proud of jlo as i was. haha. she truly looked great. i wish i could give her a high five.