Best and Worst Dressed: 2016 SAG Awards

Another award show means another round of dresses for me to love or hate. Lets get right to it and see who was best and worst at the 2016 SAG Awards.



Alicia Vikander in Louis Vuitton


Alicia made my best dressed list just a few weeks ago during the Golden Globes, and she is not slowing down at all since then, because this dress is incredible! The color block is on trend, but the chic silhouette keeps this dress sophisticated. The sleek straight hair, subtle make-up and limited jewelry let the dress do the talking without distracting or making things too busy. One of my absolute favorite looks of the night.

Uzo Aduba in Zac Posen


This Zac Posen gown looks like it was made for Uzo. She looks absolutely phenomenal from head to toe. The color is amazing on her, the fit is perfect, the sparkle is just right, the cinching hits her right at the smallest part of her waist, and the vertical lines make her appear smaller. Bravo Uzo, you look stunning!

Laura Prepon in Carmen Marc Valvo


Laura looks like an absolute knock-out in this gown. I love how the top is different and makes a statement, but the skirt is classic and timeless. The soft waves and subtle make-up are perfect for this look. My only complaint is that I think the necklace is unnecessary. To me, it distracts some from the beautiful pattern on the top half of the dress.

Helen Mirren in Jenny Packham


I feel like usually when I see an older person on the red carpet, I always think “oh they look good for an older person”, like I’m giving them a pass or putting them in a different category because they’re social security age. This woman is 70(!!) years old. Seriously, I’m going to say that again, 70 years old! She looks absolutely fabulous, and not just for an “older person”, for anyone. Georgeous, flawless, perfect.

Sofia Vergara in Vera Wang


Va-Va-Va-Vooom!!! Holy Stunning. Sophia always looks good on the carpet, but in my opinion, she never looks great. She wears a lot of the same silhouette and the same colors and always has her hair the same way, so she tends to bore me. This look does the opposite of bore me. This dress makes my eyes pop out of my head. It is fitted to a T, and it her body looks amazing. Stunning.


Nicole Kidman in Gucci


Absolutely horrible. I think I wore a dress similar to this once… at my 6th birthday party! Nicole, you are a beautiful, stunning, talented WOMAN, why are you dressing like a one of the Toddlers and Tiara’s girls?!

Anna Feris in Naeem Khan


From the belt down I really like this dress. The way the skirt falls and the high slit are lovely. From the belt up it’s a disaster. I absolutely hate the folding on the neckline and the sleeves, and I hate the awkward length of the sleeves. I would much rather this dress had a little cap sleeve. I don’t hate this look, and I can tell she tried but it’s just a miss for me. You know how kids get “participation” trophies now days? I feel like that’s what Anna Feris should get, she tried, but she didn’t win.

Eva Longoria in Julien Macdonald


Ugh, Eva, Eva, Eva! I will admit this is better than her Golden Globes disaster a few weeks ago, but I’m still just not impressed. The color, the hair and the make-up are fabulous, but she’s such a petite woman with a great body and this dress makes her look incredibly boxy. The V shape fabric hits her right at her widest part in her hips, which only makes her look bigger than she is. Had that V come up and hit her on her waist I’d be singing a whole different tune.

Amanda Peet in Narciso Rodriguez


This dress is God-awful. Literally no redeeming qualities. What is going on with her boobs? Like are we trying to hide them, or push them down, orrrrrr? I’m just confused. Also, why is there a random V-shaped seem by her crotch area? Like who thought that was a good idea and would enhance this dress? They need their designing privileges revoked, immediately.

Ellie Kemper in Peter Pilottobest-worst-SAG.jpg

This ones hard for me because I love Ellie, and she looked AHH-mazing at the Emmy’s, but this is just blahhh to me. I’m not opposed to patterns on a Red Carpet, but ugly patterns I am extremely opposed to and this is just ugly. I love her hair and make-up and I love her genuine smile on the carpet, she truly does glow, but I just can’t condone this dress.

Julianne Moore in Givenchy


Juilanne is someone who usually lands on my best dressed list, but damn homegirl, this dress be uuuugly! Juilanne is known for wearing green on the carpet, but it’s always been emerald green, not booger green. This dress looks cheap and just bad. Also, you know when you put your hair in a pony tail and then you take it out a few hours later and you have a crease in your hair from the pony tail? Yeah, that’s what it looks like with her hair. Not a fan.

Who are your Best and Worst Dressed at the SAGS?