Best US Cities to Visit in the Spring

Spring has arrived! I am so excited about all the green, all the smells, and all the warm weather that has begun. As a kid, I was all about the summer time, but as an adult I have so much more appreciation for the transitional seasons (spring & fall). My allergies are not always a huge fan, but I can not get enough of all the fresh air and blooming flowers. Spring is the perfect time time of year to visit some amazing US cities.

The Best US Cities to Visit in Spring

Any City in Florida

Springtime in Florida basically feels like the midwest in the summer time (which is perfection for all of you who have yet to discover a midwest summer). In my opinion, Florida’s best beach days are in the Spring. Winter for the beach is very hit or miss. Summer is brutal hot and humid. Fall is basically a continuation of Summer. Spring temps in Florida are perfect and while the pollen is bad, the humidity has yet to creep in, so you can still walk to your mailbox with out sweating (not possible in the summer).

Sixteen Major League Baseball teams call Florida their spring training home. Which means there’s always something fun going on. Also, early Spring is the best time to visit the Florida Everglades, and the best time to visit one of Florida’s many natural hot springs, and get up close and personal with some wild manatees. Check out the posts below for more info on how awesome Florida is.

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New Orleans, Louisiana 

I visited New Orleans last spring and thought it was absolutely perfect. The South gets super humid and hot and just kind of gross in the summer time. That mixed with the trash and dirtiness of a big city can make things reallllllly stinky and realllllly uncomfortable.

Basically the entire month of February is dedicated to the NOLA’s epic Mardi Gras celebration. While this is the quintessential NOLA experience, lodging is super expensive and the city is packed morning, noon, and night (usually with drunk tourists). If you’re looking to get more of a full spectrum feel for the city, my advice would be to wait until the Mardi Gras madness has died down and visit mid to late March.

There are so many cool festivals that take place in New Orleans in the springtime! French Quarter Festival, Jazz Fest, Greek Fest, NOLA Oyster Festival, the list goes on and on. I’m telling you, this city is so vibrant and alive come springtime. Check out the posts below for more NOLA inspo:

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Charleston, South Carolina  

I read an article the other day saying Charleston sees, on average, 230 days of sunshine each year. Move over Florida! This southern city is a gem at any time of the year, but it really shines in the spring time.

Charleston is bursting with charming homes, historic antebellum plantations, and hundred year old live oak trees that make everything seem spooky and enchanting all at the same time. Just that sentence alone makes me giddy, but now think about all of that I just described surrounded in bright greenery, blooming azaleas and dogwood trees, and hanging wisteria branches. Yeah, it’s insanely beautiful.

More so, most of the city’s best known events and festivals take place in Spring, including the famous Spring Festival of Houses and Gardens. Between the months of March – May the average temperature rests right between 70 to 80 degrees. By the time June hits, summer has creeped in and you’re looking at 90 degree temps.


Savannah, Georgia

This southern city is stunning at anytime of the year, but a few things make it one of the best US cities to visit in Spring. The weather is warm and comfortable, with temperatures landing right between 70 and 80 degrees, and the humidity of summer has yet to set in. Not to mention, the trees and shrubs of the city are in full bloom and a beautiful sight. Savannah also boasts a world famous St. Patricks Day celebration, Music Festival, and Seafood Festival that all take place in the spring time.

There is a downside. Hotel accommodation and transportation tend to be a little bit pricey during this time of year, and there’s a good chance restaurants, parks, and other attractions will be busier.


Washington, DC

I’ve read a lot of posts and articles saying Fall is the best time to visit DC, but I’m gonna blow your mind and say the best time to visit is Spring. Why, you ask? Two words: Cherry. Blossoms.

Each Spring thousands of Cherry Blossom trees bloom all over DC. A simple walk around the city will be stunning enough, but the cherry on top of the sundae (no pun intended) is the National Cherry Blossom Festival that happens each Spring. Seriously, this festival is a big deal. It spans 4 weekends, and draws more than 1.5 million people to enjoy the celebration.

DC temperatures can still be a little brisk at the beginning of spring (average right around 65 degrees in April), but by May the average temp is right up there at 75 degrees.

Sedona, Arizona 

Sedona is an outdoor lovers dream destination. I was instantly smitten with this city when I visited a few years back. The downside to Sedona is that it can be extremely hot most times of the year. Yes, it is just a dry heat, but never the less when a place is as beautiful as Sedona you want to be outside most of the time, and come summer time when the average temp is 97 degrees, being outside is not high on your list of things to-do.

Fall is an awesome time to visit Sedona, but I have to say Spring is even better. If you’re not familiar with the US Southwest, it is extremely brown — extremely beautiful — but just brown, brown and more brown. The exception is in the springtime! March through May the beautiful Sedona red rocks are sprinkled with yellows, purples, and oranges from the blooming the desert flowers. Springtime temperature highs in Sedona usually range from the high 60’s to the low 80’s, making it perfect hiking weather.

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I have to give a shout-out to one of my best friends, Megan, for inspiring this post. Meg writes an amazing and uplifting faith-based blog. Check it out here!

Spring time in the US is beautiful in so many different cities! Blooming flowers, green trees, and fun festivals make these 5 cities the best US cities to visit in Spring!

Where’s your go to place to visit in Spring?


  • Charleston would be my pick for Spring! Usually warm enough to hit up those rooftop pools downtown or the outer island beaches, but not too too hot yet. Plus, the FOOD!!! Yum.

  • Florida really is the best in Spring!! I’ve been loving it.

    • it is isn’t it! I have really fallen for florida since we bought our house there 2 years ago.

  • Totally and completely agree with you about all of the cities! We were lucky enough to visit DC during peak cherry blossom season one year, and it’s still one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen!

    • omg! gorgeous! did you blog about it?! i would love to read your posts!

  • OH my gosh!! I just went swimming with manatees a few weeks ago in Florida. What an incredible experience, the best of my life!! I definitely also recommend it for (early) spring, to see the most manatees. Going to check out your manatee post now, I haven’t written mine yet but hoping to get it up with all my underwater photos in a couple weeks 🙂

    • I’m so glad you enjoyed it! did you see a good amount of them? We saw only a handful, but they were very friendly and let us just float around them for a good 45 mins!

  • I am CRAVING some sunshine – here on the Pacific Northwest this cold, rainy, miserable weather just never seems to end, and I am desperate for some warmth and vitamin D! Hmmm…I think Charleston needs to go on my list, if just for some of that sunshine!!

    • haha yes! i bet! Charleston is such a beautiful southern city. I have never met anyone who did not love it.

  • I want to visit every one of your recommendations. Have been to Sedona and DC but I feel like going back. THe good news is that I am going to spend part of spring in Europe. #wanderfulwednesday

    • yay for spring in Europe! I have never experienced it but I’ve heard it’s a dream!

  • I guess the southern states aren’t as hot in spring yet and you picture them so beautifully that I’d really like to go 🙂

  • So may gorgeous colours, these are great picks! Oh, and I’m really swooning over your Instagrams at the moment 🙂

  • Ooh great suggestions. I only visited the US for the first time last year so it’s safe to say I’m new to the place. I think Charleston and Sedona look like my kind of places. So pretty!