Best & Worst: 2015 CMAs



Jana Kremer


This girl does no wrong fashion-wise in my eyes. She’s gorgeous, she’s glowing, she’s playing up her baby bump with out looking dumpy. Flawless.

Kimberly Perry

This is the LBD on steroids. This dress really has a lot going on but in my opinion it all goes together so well. Can we also just take a moment to appreciate those platform heels? MY LORD! Bless your heart, girlfriend!

Jennifer Nettles


Sexy. Stylish. Fierce. This dress fits her like a glove. The hem line is perfect. Her hair is spot on with the dress.  She hit it out of the park with this look.

Miranda Lambert

Besides the combover she’s got going on with her hair, Miranda looks stunning. This dress really accentuates her figure in all the right places.

Karen Fairchild 


The see-through fad is wearing on me, but I can’t deny how great Karen Fairchild looks in this dress. We’ve seen some celebs (Beyonce, J.Lo, Kim Kardashian) use the see-through trend as a way to be basically naked on a red carpet, but I love how Karen is in tune with the trend, but still incredibly classy and elegant looking.

Cassidee Pope


Another see-through dress, but once again Cassidee looks too good to ignore. I love love love her hair and think it is perfect for this gown. Again, this is right on trend, but I also don’t feel like I’m violating her by looking at her.


Hillary Scott


Hillary Scott has a permanent spot on my worst dress list. That sounds harsh, but I’m not exaggerating, she’s been on the Worst Dressed list for every Country Music award show I’ve recapped. This look is actually an improvement compared to some of her previous red carpet looks, but the pattern and the frill hem at the end of this dress ruin it for me. I still think she can do so much better.

Lindsey Stirling

If you cut this dress off at the mini skirt length this would be a fabulous figure skating costume. Other than that this dress has no redeeming qualities and should never be warn on a red carpet ever again.

Ashley Monroe

Public Service Announcement: Shapeless dresses that just fall over your body and look like they went through a hair crimper will never be in style. You are young, beautiful, and have a great figure, why are you wearing stuff like this on a red carpet? why?!

Carrie Underwood


No, this is not a mistake. Carrie Underwood is on my Worst Dressed list. Look, she’s beautiful and amazing and I, like the rest of the world, have a girl crush on her; but when I saw the other dresses she wore throughout the evening I was disappointed that this was the dress she picked to walk the carpet in. Get rid of the peplum at the waist and this dress is fabulous, but I can’t get over this dress flaring in two places.

Kayla Adams

She is a beautiful girl, she has a spectacular body, and this really is a beautiful dress, but when your dress, hair, and skin tone are all the same color it’s not good. She looks completely washed out by this dress . I would have loved to have seen her in a brighter, more vibrant color.



I’ll admit I personally hate this type of neckline so it’s really hard for me to ever give a dress like this a ringing endorsement. This dress chops her body up into weird sections and really does nothing for her shape. Just like with Hillary Scott I think Raelynn is a young beautiful girl and could do so much better than this.

Who are your Best and Worst Dressed form the CMAs?


  • I enjoyed seeing your list!! I definitely agree with you on Carrie Underwood. I loved many of the other dresses she wore throughout the night so much more than that orange one. I absolutely loved Miranda Lambert’s look too, especially the pink in her hair!

    • carrie

      Miranda’s like “blake who?” in that dress 🙂