Best & Worst: 2015 SAG Awards



Reese Witherspoon in Armani

This is what a movie star is suppose to look like. Polished and flawless, everything about this look is perfect; her hair, her make-up, her accessories, the fit of this dress..all of it, 100% on point.

Camila Alves in Donna Koran Atelier


This color is amazing on her skin tone, not to mention the shape this dress gives her figure is incredible. I love her hair pulled back, giving the dress the full spot light, but I would have loved to have seen a necklace on her.

Julianna Margulies in Giambattista Valli


This color is amazing on a Red Carpet. The simplicity of the top of the dress really draws your attention to the detail and the folding of the skirt, which is gorgeous.

Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting in Romona Keveza


Probably the simplest look on the carpet, but phenomenal. This dress really could have been “meh” for me, but her accessories, hair and make-up really, put the ultimate sophistication on this look for for me.

Sarah Hyland in Vera Wang


The detailing on top is fabulous. Love that there is a plunge to the neckline but that it is age appropriate for her. She never tries to look too grown-up on the carpet and I adore that about her. Cute and fun, but still chic and glam.

Maria Menounos in Romona Keveza


I wish there was a smoother transition between the hem line of the top half and the skirt. For some reason to me it seems like something is missing there. Besides that I can find not a single thing wrong with this dress or her look in general. I’m very iffy about patterns on the carpet, but color and the delicate nature of this pattern is gorgeous.


Rosemund Pike in Dior

Hair and make-up is spot on, and the actual cut of this dress is great on her body, but the awkward volume of this dress and the fabric weaved into a flower looking shape is just awful.

Naomi Watts in Balenciaga


What ruins this dress for me is the sleeves that look like cheap christmas garland that was just thrown on this dress as an after thought. Just bad.

Laverne Cox in Johanna Johnson


There is literally nothing about this dress that I like. The fabric looks cheap, the shape does nothing for her figure, and the slit up the middle of the dress looks like a random rip that happened in the limo on the ride over.

Jen Aniston in Galliano


She is flawless in my mind, but this dress does nothing but age her. She has an amazing body and this dress makes her boobs look old and saggy and makes her body look frumpy (which she is not AT ALL.) Plus I hate hate HATE the necklace.

Who are your best and worst dressed from the SAGs?


  • Totally agree with all of this! I LOVED Reese Witherspoon’s dress. She is typically just ‘adorable’ to me but, as you said, she looks like a movie star in this dress! I also really loved Sarah Hyland’s dress. Can’t wait to see your picks for the next award show. I always enjoy getting your opinions! 🙂

    • aww thanks so much Di! awards season has a way of bringing out the side of me that loves fashion. it makes me so happy you enjoy reading about my thoughts 🙂