My First 5 Star Thriller of 2017: A Murder In Time

ATTENTION: My first 5-star thriller of the 2017 is A Murder in Time by Julie McElwain

3 thrillers-4The story’s heroine, Kendra, is a badass FBI agent. Her career is finally taking off when she’s severely wounded and half of her team is killed in a raid. When Kendra is finally healed and back to 100%, she makes it her mission to get revenge on the person who took out her FBI teammates. In the process of seeking revenge, she unknowing goes back in time to 1815. The year is different, but Kendra is faced with the same problem, a mysterious murder. Now she has to find the murderer and find her way back to the 21st Century.

I’ll be honest, this book had some major hurdles to overcome with me, but it squashed all of the problems and I ended up loving it.

Problem #1: It’s 500 pages long

Everyone has their own “happy number” for book length. Mine is right between 300-350 pages. Anything longer than that tends to bore me. This book was much longer than my happy number and I didn’t even notice at all. I was never bored at any point what so ever.

Problem #2: It involves time travel

I’m a huge history nerd. Like literally HUGE. I have a secret wish that I could go back into time and be around to witness huge parts in history. Basically, I wish I were Lucy from Timeless. This means I’m super picky when it comes to books that involve time travel. I either think they pull it off well, or I think it’s ridiculous and it annoys the so much I can’t concentrate on the plot of the book at all.

Problem #3: There’s a love story

If I’m reading chick lit, I know what I’m in for, but I really don’t like a bunch of love gettin’ all in the way of my thrillers! A thriller is supposed to be thrilling, not lovey. This book had a touch of a love story in it, but it was really just a side story to the main larger story, and it didn’t bother me.

Problem #4: The ending leaves you hanging

Ambiguous endings annoy me more than anything. I hate reading an entire book only to feel like I was cheated out of a proper resolution to the story I just invested so much time in to. This book completely leaves you hanging at the end, BUT it didn’t bother me at all. Mostly because it paved the way perfectly for a sequel, and now I cannot wait for the story continue!

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Tell me about your first 5 star book of 2017!

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  • Haha! Every single one of your points except the one about endings would turn me off from a book too! But, glad this one worked for you despite all that. I’ve had one 5 star book in 2017 so far and it was backlist…so does that count? I’m not sure.
    I’ve had 2 4.5 star ones, though. This Is How It Always Is by Laurie Frankel and A Separation by Katie Kitamura.

    • I have 100 pages left in This Is How It Always Is and it has been a treat. Definitely a book that makes you think.

  • Everyone keeps on raving about this book, but you and Erin both talked about how much you loved this book, so I know that I’ll probably end up loving it too! And I really like books that involve time travel, so this one sounds like it’d be perfect for me!

    • I really did love it! Everything just “worked” for me. if that makes sense? haha

  • I think I have this one on my tbr list, but I don’t think I even realized it was a thriller. I’ve been on a major thriller kick lately though, so I’m more intrigued to read this now. I’m still waiting on my first 5 star book for this year- I’ve read a few 4 stars, but nothing 5 star yet.

    • ooh it’s definitely a thriller! and a good one! I’ve also been reading a lot of thrillers. they’ve been working for me so I’m sticking with it. haha.