10 Things You Probably Don’t Know About Me

I have an older brother (31) and an older sister(27).

Both of my siblings actually travel waaay more than I do. My brother has lived and worked in Southeast Asia and in Western Australia, and my sister has been on 5 continents and currently lives and works in Rwanda, Africa.

I was voted “best hair” and “most likely to leave town and never come back” in my senior class

I have thick hair with a natural beach wave look to it, and I kept it really long and layered all through high-school. When I was in high school (06-09) straightening your hair was the style. I’d like to say I didn’t want to be like everyone else, but in reality I just really didn’t care and would rather have had 20 extra minutes of sleep in the morning than have straight hair everyday.

I have literally flown completely around the world

During one of my trips to Asia I flew from Chicago to New York City to Bejing to Bangkok. My return flight from that same trip was from Bangkok to Tokyo to Chicago.

I google the ending of nearly every movie and TV series I watch

I genuinely like knowing what’s going to happen and can enjoy the plot more once I know how things are going to end up. There’s nothing worse than getting completely invested in the characters of a show only to be surprised when the ending is god-awful (I’m looking at you Dexter).

I hate hate HATE licorice, red vines, etc.

Literally just the smell of it will make me dry heave. One time my sister insisted upon getting liccorice during a road trip, I literally had my head out the window of the car the entire time she ate it.

My fiancé, Casey, and I were really good friends for quite a while before we actually started dating.

I honestly think genuine friendship is one of the most solid foundations to build a relationship off of. If you’re gonna spend forever with someone you should probably spend it with your best friend.

My favorite book ever is The Great Gatsby.

I first read it in high school for a book report and instantly fell in love. In fact, I love it so much I named my dog Gatsby.

I started riding horses when I was 9 years old

I competitively competed in rodeo from age 12-18. In that time, I was a 4-time grand champion barrel racer, and a 2-time grand champion pole bender. My rodeo horse, Sally, is now retired, but I still take her out on trail rides from time to time when I’m back home in Wisconsin.

My favorite television shows of all time are Boy Meets World, and That 70’s Show

I own all seasons of both shows and can quote nearly every episode. I can watch 1 million rom-coms and never shed a tear, but the final episode of Boy Meets World makes me cry every. freaking. time.

My first crushes as a little girl were always on older men

Specifically Jesse Katsopolis and Nick Parker…AKA, John Stamos from Full House and Dennis Quaid from The Parent Trap. I mean what 90’s kid didn’t have a crush on Uncle Jesse?

Are we alike in anyway?

tell me something interesting about yourself!


  • OMG I loved Dennis Quaid from The Parent Trap! I can totally relate 🙂

    • hahaha. Even when I watch the Parent Trap now i’m like “damn, he really was a good looking guy!”

  • I LOVED Nick Parker from Parent Trap!!! And even cheating Dennis Quaid in that horse movie with Julia Roberts!

    • I’m glad to hear other people had a similar fascination with Nick Parker/Dennis Quaid, haha!

  • Sarah P

    “If you’re gonna spend forever with someone you should probably spend it with your best friend.” <— #GOALS. That is all.

  • I love Gatsby! And love that you named your dog that.

    Really cool about literally flying around the world.

    MFD and I have been friends since we were 13. We didn’t start dating until after college. I don’t consider him my best friend, but I consider our basis of good friendship VERY important!

    • “your basis of good friendship” <—exactly! perfect words!

  • Haha my mom totally has to look up the endings to movies too! She actually looked up the end of the Hunger Games because she wanted to know who Katniss ended up choosing. That’s so cool that you were a barrel racer! We always love watching that part in the Rodeo every year! And how could you not love Uncle Jesse? That hair, right?

    • I’ve been watching Fuller House on Netflix and I swear he has not aged a single day! in the words of Uncle Jesse, “have mercy!” 🙂

  • This is probably the most disagreed with thing about me but I actually liked the ending of Dexter! As it was unfolding I was like, “WHAT THE WHAT?!” but he ended up in Astoria, Oregon which is like an hour from my hometown and I just thought it was cool then. Hahaha. Plus, I don’t know how he could ever live happily ever after with a family.

    • Part of me agrees with you completely. Like he tried to have a normal life with Rita and that clearly didn’t work out. I guess i just didn’t like the last scene, where all of a sudden he’s a mountain man and randomly alone in the middle of no where. I would have been fine with him being a lone ranger his whole life, but that scene just didn’t do it justice to be the end of the entire show (in my opinion!) but lets both agree it was an amazing show! John Lithgow was incredible as the trinity killer. That entire season had me literally at the edge of my couch!

  • That’s my favorite book AND I NAMED MY DOG GATSBY, TOO! Twins.

    • no way! everyone’s all naming their dogs Max and Buster and Im the huge book nerd over here like I wanna name my dog Gatsby or Hemingway, lol.

  • A Mindful Migration

    I’m much, much better about not reading endings first or finding out any ending before I watch a show or movie, but I used to be terrible about it. I just had to know! And who did have a crush on Uncle Jesse who must have found the fountain of youth because I swear he doesn’t look any older!

    • I’m right there with you, I just HAD to know what was going to happen. If i’m not really invested in a show or movie I don’t have to google it, but If I’m really into it I NEED to know!
      I could not agree with you more about Uncle Jesse! lol, Have Mercy!!!

  • haha i hate licorice as well! the first time i tasted/smelled red vines, i actually did puke. good god they are awful. i like to google endings of scary movies because then i can be prepared, but i like to be surprised otherwise haha.

    • someone who also thinks licorice is the devils creation, THANK GOODNESS!!! I get so many people who think I am nuts when I say how much I hate it! haha