7 Reasons to Love Singapore

I consider Singapore to be the Southeast Asian version of New York City. Singapore may be small on a map, but much like New York City, this little island city-state will floor you.

Singapore is somewhat of an anomaly by South East Asian standards. Laos, Thailand, Indonesia, and the other Southeast Asian countries are all still developing countries with a much weaker economies and governmental systems. Singapore on the other hand is at the complete other side of the spectrum and has the 3rd most millionaires per capita in the entire world.

7-reasons-to-love-singaporeSouth East Asia is known for being affordable, thus making it appealing to tourists from all over the world. Singapore is the one exception to this commonly known fact. The Singapore dollar is nearly exactly equal to that of the American Dollar, so don’t be expecting to become mega rich upon arrival thanks to the exchange rate.

Even if you put all the fun and extraordinary things to do in Singapore to the side, there’s a lot to love about this little city state, and I’m guessing you’ll be just as impressed with it as I was. Here are my top 7 reasons I know you’ll love Singapore.

Best airport in the world

Singapore’s Changi International Airport is consistently voted the best airport in the world by both industry and consumer polls. I’m telling you, you’ll be begging to have your flight delayed in Singapore after you get a look at the airport’s swimming pool, movie theatre, nature trail, and reflexology and beauty centers.


an abundance of culture

Singapore is a lot like the United States in that it is made up of people from all over the world. In my short time there I met people from every continent. Because the people who call Singapore home come from so many different places and backgrounds it creates a melting pot type of culture, meaning it brings together a variety of cultures and melts them together to form one unique culture.


jaw dropping architecture

Singapore is home to some of the best architects in the entire world and the skyline of the city reflects it. I’ve spent time in many beautiful and amazing architectural cities of the US, and they all pale in comparison to the buildings of Singapore. At any moment when you look around through the skyline of Singapore you will see 5-10 cranes in the air, because there is always new developments going up, and lots of them.


the best food you’ll ever eat

The food in Singapore is the best of every culture and man oh man, do they love to eat. It was in Singapore that I discovered the wonderful pillowy delicious-ness that is dim sum. Handmade and the most heavenly things on the planet. Singapore is plentiful in Durian or “smelly fruit” as some call it, and has both a Chinatown and Little India neighborhood with amazing ethnic food from both backgrounds.


Shop till you drop

The only things Singaporeans love more than food is shopping. Singapore is home to some of the most extravagant shopping malls I have ever seen. Not only are the malls impressive, but they’re literally everywhere! because Singapore is so much more advanced compared to its other neighboring countries, you can expect prices to be higher, but you can also expect to find tons of high-end westernized stores and even higher quality items at local street vender shopping stalls.


amazing public transit

Subway stations in Singapore look more like westernized shopping malls. Each station is decked out in tile flooring, glass railings and escalators, and unlike NYC the lingering smell of urine and frequent visits from rats are nonexistent.


the entire city is immaculately clean

Trash in the streets or liter on the ground is practically non-exsistant. Not only that, but I never once saw a single trash bag out on the street ready to be picked up by the garbage truck. Everything from the streets to the public transportation to the street benches are sparkly clean.

Singapore is like no other place in Southeast Asia! Here are 7 reasons I know you'll LOVE Singapore as much as I did!

Have you been to Singapore? Did you notice the same things I did?


  • Not only is Singapore so insanely clean, but it is also outrageously safe! I landed a day before my parents and ran around the city alone and felt completely safe! Singapore is definitely a place I want to return to asap.


    • Yes! i completely agree with you about safety being great, and about wanting to return ASAP. Southeast Asia is just wonderful in my opinion 🙂