Guide to Sedona’s Vortexes

Sedona, Arizona is one of those places that has post-card worthy views in each direction. Stunning red-rock buttes and pine forests aren’t the only thing Sedona has to offer, it is also home to several energy vortex sites. Before going to Sedona, I heard a lot about the vortex sites, but I still couldn’t quite put my finger on exactly what they were. The term energy vortex sounds like something from a Star Wars plot, not a popular tourist attraction.

sedona vortexes

What is a Vortex?

A vortex is the funnel shape created by a whirling motion of anything that flows, such as fluid or air. For example, the whirling motion of a tornado is a vortex. On a smaller scale, water quickly circling down a drain is also a vortex.

The Sedona vortexes are energy vortexes. These energy vortexes are said to have been created by spiraling spiritual energy coming up from the earth’s surface, that can facilitate prayer, meditation, and even healing. The concept of an energy vortex comes from the energy from the earth combining with the energy of each person’s inner being.

Each vortex is different from the next, and are even categorized as “feminine” or “masculine”. Feminine meaning energy entering the earth and masculine meaning energy coming out of the earth.

Where to Find Vortexes in Sedona

There are 4 major energy vortex sites in Sedona:

  • Bell Rock
  • Airport Mesa
  • Cathedral Rock
  • Boynton Canyon 

You can arrange for a “vortex tour” and visit each site with a guide, or you can venture out on your own. If you’re truly looking to get the most “spiritual” experience possible, I would suggest going separate from a group. Be prepared: most of the vortex spots require some degree of hiking. For a detailed description of each vortex site look here. If you’re looking for amazing Sedona hikes look here.

Are the Sedona Vortexes a hoax?

As with anything that can’t be seen, there is always some debate about whether or not the Sedona vortexes are actually real or just a ploy to attract tourists. I visited 2 of the Sedona’s 4 major vortex spots. Both of them were beautiful. Sedona is such a remarkable place, it doesn’t surprise me that people have reported feeling a strong spiritual connection while there. During my hike to Bell Rock and Cathedral Rock I saw people at the base of the hike doing yoga and meditating. Can I say that I experienced some major cleansing energy rush through me while I was there? No, I can’t. But I also didn’t go there for a spiritual experience. I was basically there for the physical activity of the hike. That doesn’t mean I believe Sedona’s Vortexes are a hoax. Spirituality is something that is so unique and personal to each person that it’s reasonable to think that each person’s experience will also be unique and personal.

Sedona is home to 4 energy Vortexes. But what is an energy vortex anyway? and where can you find them. This read has you covered for your next trip to Sedona!

Have you heard of, or been to an Energy Vortex site? What was your experience like?


  • I felt some spirituality in Sedona. We’re actually talking about going back in March 2017 for a long weekend with friends.

    • I hope you make it back again, Steph! I would love to go back to Sedona again! I was really impressed with it during my first visit there. there’s so much to do, and there’s some great luxury resorts but it still has a small town feel to it. my favorite kind of place.

  • So beautiful! I’d love to see a vortex for real some day, preferably in Arizona I think 😉

    • Sedona is like stepping into a real life postcard. you’d love it, Van!

  • I recall reading about them when I spent a night in Sedona years ago. Such beautiful landscape and a place that I’ve always wanted to go back to. So there is an energy there… the world is full of mysteries 🙂 #wanderfulwednesday

    • It definitely is, Lillian. i had no clue energy vortexes existed until my visit to Sedona. Such a fascinating concept.

  • I have been to 3 of 4 of the vortexes. Like you, I didn’t visit for the spiritual experience. I do know some people take this very seriously. I saw some people really into their meditations and prayers. It is interesting because I recently went to Poland and I was shown an energy point (something like a vortex) inside the Krakow Castle. I guess every country has their own “energy” places.

    • Very Interesting, Ruth! I’m dying to get to Poland. My mom’s grandparents lived in Poland, Krakow actually to be specific. It’s fascinating to me how places become known as being “energy vortexes” or “energy points”. I’ve definitely been looking into it more since I first learned about them in Sedona.