Sunday Morning Reading

once again i’m joining the lovely taryn and talking about my favorite thing i read this week.

gone girl

GoneGirlso i’m a little (a lot) late to the party on this book, and even though i know a lot of you have probably already read it, i still wanted to do a post on it just because it was such an intense book.

first, let me just say that i finished this book in 2.5 days. and these were not weekend days. they were school all day, work all evening, homework at night days. i literally could NOT stop turning the pages. two of those nights i was up until 1:30am because i just kept going and going. now that we’ve established that it’s a page turner. lets get down to specifics.

the main characters of this book, amy and nick, are both so deep and complex. when i thought i had one of them figured out, something would happen and i was back at square one. literally this book has a million different twists and turns in it, and each one makes the story thicker and thicker and ropes you in even more.

i also wanted to add that this book ended up being much much darker that i ever thought it would be. i didn’t think it would be foo-foo chick lit beach read stuff, but i never anticipated such twisted traits in both amy and nick.

for the ones who haven’t read this book i won’t go into much more detail about the main plot, but i must talk about the ending because the biggest complaint about this book i heard was that the ending was not so swell.

personally, i don’t agree with that statement at all. i’d describe the ending as fitting for where the plot had taken the characters. in some ways i found myself wishing that it ended with certain characters getting “a taste of their own medicine” per say, but as i tried to think up what a better ending would have been like, i really couldn’t come up with anything. so i say the ending was as good as it gets.

overall, this book was phenomenal! such depth in characters, plot and writing style. i am trying to get a hold of her other books ASAP. this is a must read.

next up on my list: ender’s game.

happy reading friends! 🙂

as respect to those who have not read i’m going to leave any spoilers out of the post, but anyone who’s read this beauty i am willing to go all out in the comments!! tell me your thoughts i need to hear what others have thought of this book!


  • I really loved this book too. It was definitely a page turner. I need to read Dark Places and Sharp Objects now 🙂 Also, I CAN’T WAIT to see what they do with the Gone Girl movie. I’m sure it won’t compete with the greatness of the book 😉

    • i didn’t know there was going to be a movie. now i must investigate! thanks for the tip, Di! 🙂

  • You neeeed to read her other books. Gone Girl was definitely my favorite, but the others are pretty dark and twisted, too. So good.

    • i am literally on a wild goose chase trying to track them down. i don’t have a mke library card yet. (i’ve lived here 4 years and i don’t have a lib card?! whaaaa?!?) but i think my desire to get my hands on her other books is going to make me take the plunge. 

  • i loved gone girl. i kind of forgot a lot of the details but i know i couldn’t stop reading it. i have a stack of books i want to read but have spend countless hours watching netflix + the olympics instead. i feel myself getting stupider <–exactly!

    • hahaha! i definitely fall into spells like that too, when i’d much rather watch mindless television than read a book and try to understand its concepts. no shame girl! 🙂

  • Yes! I’m so glad you read this! I cannot wait for the movie.. it has the potential to be so so awesome.

    • i heard about this movie! i didn’t even know about that! but i’m glad i’ve read it before. books allllways before movies for me.

  • Loved Gone Girl!! And I couldn’t agree more about about the ending.. i thought it was fitting for the story line. I saw the movie Ender’s Game and loved it but never read the book.. That rarely happens for me because I’m more of a book nerd than a movie feign.

    • see i didn’t even know it was a movie. haha. but now that i know i have to watch it when i get done with the book. glad to hear you liked it!

  • Told you you would love it!! Can’t wait for our book swap! Read the read of Flynn’s books!!!!

    • YES MA’AM!!!!! haha

  • Holy, only two and a half days?! I’m a fast reader but I don’t remember the last time I finished a book that fast! I’m excited to read it! I have a book I can send you in exchange that I think you might like.. Have you heard of Someday, Someday, Maybe? It’s a book by Lauren Graham that I bought last year & loved! I’d gladly lend it to you 🙂

    • yes yes YES!! i have heard of that book! in fact just the other day i saw it at the bookstore. send me your address and shall send gone girl on its way to you 🙂

  • Wow you read that fast! You don’t mess around. 🙂 I agree with your sentiment on the ending. I couldn’t think of a better way to end it, either so it was pretty fitting. I have heard her other books aren’t as good, but I want to get my hands on some!

    I am reading Divergent now! Have you read that one? I am a super-big hunger games fan, so if it’s anything like that I will be hooked.

    • i haven’t read the divergent series, but i think i’m going to be peer pressured into it soon because i’ve heard such good things about it!

      • Yes, you must read the Divergent series!!

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