Gatsby Files: Dogs as Companions

The Gatsby Files

Being a dog owner is a huge responsibility, but also incredibly rewarding. I got Gatsby, 4 years ago when I was only 19 years old.


Going through times in my life where things were constantly changing was often daunting and scary to me. At 19 years old I had zero responsibility for anyone other than myself. My life was completely built around what I needed and wanted to do; something that’s very normal for a 19 year old. But I also had a tendency to get stuck in my own problems and my own mind.


Being responsible for another living breathing being put into perspective that someone else besides myself had needs, and in-hind sight I can see that it matured me in a way I desperately needed.


In the time I’ve had Gatsby I’ve lived in several different places, including 4 different states. I’ve made 3 trips to South East Asia, and I’ve completed my Bachelors Degree. A lot of change has gone on, but he’s been my companion and my little buddy through it all, always there to make me laugh and smile.


I’ve always been the type of person who needs something solid to rest on, and for me as a single young girl in her late teens and early twenties who was still trying to figure out her life and herself, it was hard to find that solid ground to give me comfort. Gatsby often was what gave me that; and the thought that no matter what changes, he needs me and depends on me.


And of course that he’ll always be there at the door wagging his tail happy to see me.

do you have a dog in your life that has had a special impact on you?


  • That bottom one!!! TOO CUTE! <3

    • he’s a straight up heartbreaker 🙂

  • I can’t handle the cuteness. Cheers to National Dog Day 🙂

    • i feel like there’s a national dog day every other month, but i’m not complaining. haha 🙂