006: The Importance of Surrounding Yourself With Uplifting People

I’m excited (and a little nervous!) to bring you my first SOLO episode of the podcast!

I’m still going to be bringing you guests and having co-hosts regularly, but every once in a while I’ll be jumping on to do a solo episode. This is my time to really just chat with you guys, maybe give you some life updates, and just share things that have really been on my mind or my heart.

Today’s episode topic is something that I have heard talked about non-stop in the podcasts I’m listening to and the books I’m reading. I’ve read piles and piles of self-help and personal development books and every single one of them talks about the importance of surrounding yourself with uplifting, motivating, and inspiring people.

In this episode, I dive into that thought a little deeper and share how I go about surrounding myself with the best people possible. Enjoy friends!

In This Episode:

    • I give a brief update of my husbands surgery
    • Talk about moving from a studio apartment into a two-bedroom
    • And spill the beans on where we’ll be living this off-season
    • I talk about the importance of surrounding yourself with positive people
    • Give my advice on “Brain Food”
    • I give a challenge/exercise for evaluating the people in your life

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