007: Thriving in the “In-Between” Stages of Life

Episode 7 of the podcast is hot off the press and I am excited to talk about something I’ve struggled a lot with in the past, and recently found myself struggling with again:

Being ok in the “in-between” – the phase when you’re switching gears, ready for a change, excited for something else. You’re putting in all the work and you know it’s on the horizon, buuuuut it hasn’t happened yet. That job hasn’t opened up. That person you’re ready to commit to  hasn’t made their way into your life. That home you’re ready to buy hasn’t gone up for sale.

I’ve been in this situation a few different times in my life and it’s always caused me to fall into a rut. I finally changed my mindset enough to find some tips and methods to help me thrive during this “in-between” stage. Enjoy, friends!

In This Episode:

    • I give a brief intro about today’s episode
    • Talk about my first time struggling with the “in-between”
    • Share my husband’s current “in-between”
    • Share my own current “in-between”
    • I talk about the importance of taking things day by day
    • About making daily rituals that you enjoy
    • Letting simple things bring you joy
    • Realizing that this moment/situation/time, once it’s over, may never come back again, and at some point you will probably miss it.
    • Having a support system in place for tough days and moments
    • Getting comfortable being uncomfortable
    • Having faith in the journey of your life

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