008: Feel the Fear, Then Do it Anyways

Welcome to episode #8 of the Candidly Speaking podcast! This week’s message is about something I know we all struggle with: fear.

Two years ago I got the idea to start a YouTube channel. Ten days ago, I finally launched that YouTube channel I was dreaming about it. So what took me so stinking long? Fear.

Fear of people not liking it, fear of not doing it “well enough”, fear of not being accepted, all of these thoughts flooded my mind anytime I got excited or got the gumption to start my channel. For two years I let these fears sideline my dreams.

Today, I’m talking about how I finally pushed passed it all and launched my channel, and how I’ve learned to make peace with my fears. Oh, and spoiler alert, none of the things I was so deathly “fearing” actually happened.

In This Episode:

  • I give the details on finally launching my brand new YouTube channel
  • I tell ya’ll about our impromptu trip to Wisconsin for 10 days
  • Share what I love about living in the city and in the country
  • I open up about my excuses for not starting a YouTube channel
  • The big mindset shift I made to help me use my fear to my advantage
  • How I learned to acknowledge and talk about my fears without believing them as truth

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