009: Change Your Habits, Change Your Life

Welcome to episode 9 of the Candidly Speaking podcast! One of my motivations for starting this podcast was being able to share what I’m going through/struggling with in hopes of making others who are possibility going through the same thing or something similar feel less alone.

My thought has always been that if I’m going through it, someone else is probably going through it as well. Being vulnerable is not something I’ve been good in the past, but this podcast has really challenged me to open and honest about the things I’m going through and even the things I’m struggling with.

Something I’ve been struggling with BIG TIME lately is keeping good habits. I have no problem starting them, but as soon as life throw me any kind of curve ball, I get sloppy and loose focus in my small daily habits that make a big difference in my life.

This episode is all about habits. Why they’re important, how to make them, and most importantly, how to help yourself stick to them during all seasons of life. 

In This Episode:

    • I give a brief life update and share why we’re still in Wisconsin
    • Share some background info on my journey with making good habits
    • Give insight on how I fell into a funk despite my best efforts
    • Share a key life rule I live by
    • I share the process I go through to deal with and move on from a bad day
    • Give the reason why I am re-commiting myself to my small, but important habits
    • I share my 5 tips for forming good habits and keeping them

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