012: Meredith Dean | Finding Purpose in Everything You Do

I am jazzed to be dropping a fresh episode of the Candidly Speaking Podcast – especially since my good friend, Meredith Dean is my guest!

Meredith was one of the first people connected with when I first moved to Charlotte. We met in such a random way, but it has turned into a beautiful friendship and I am so lucky to have her as a part of my circle.

We talk about sooooo many good things in this episode so I’m going to keep this intro short so we can get to the episode. I hope you guys enjoy!

A real quick note: you can now listen to the Candidly Speaking podcast on Stitcher and Google Play! YAY!

In This Episode:

  • I give a brief life update and introduce today’s guest
  • Meredith tells us about herself and all of the different hats she wears
  • Tells us what it was like moving to NYC straight out of college and why she eventually decided to move Charlotte
  • Shares what it’s like combining her talent for media with her love for children at Seacrest Studios
  • Gives us the deets on her thriving side hustle – The Deans List
  • We discuss the importance of having an online portfolio – no matter what industry you’re in
  • Meredith shares why she decided to pursue a career media
  • Gives her advice for college students wanting to get into the media industry
  • Tells us what HER dream job is and where she sees herself in the future
  • We end the show with 10 quick hitting questions

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Contributing to Future Shows

If you have a question for MaryAnn that we didn’t cover in this show OR if you have a question for Carrie you’d like to hear answered on a future show, connect with me via social media or slide in my DMs!

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