018: “Big Reputation, Big Reputation” & Carwashes in Wisconsin Winter: a Story about Frustration

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In This Episode:

    • We start the show with a Bachelor recap. Discuss Heather dumping Colton, Colton taking Hannah B. to meet his family only to dump her, and our suspicions about Cassie and Caelynn’s motives.
    • Discuss the Jussie Smollett drama and the role the media has played in the entire situation.
    • Bre shares why she chooses to give and donate locally rather than nationally. 
    • We both share our excitement for Mark Manson’s new book Everything is Fucked: A Book About Hope, the drops May 14th.
    • In our Learning Lately segment we discuss the importance of your reputation and loyalty in both work and life. 
    • I go into a rant about about car washes during the Wisconsin winter and share my love for naming inanimate objects.
    • In the Ask Carrie segment the girls help a listener who wants to be a writer, but struggles with the act of actually writing. 

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