026: The NFL Draft? Or a T-Swift New Music Launch Party? + How to Stop Chasing Happiness

Hey friends!

Welcome to episode 026 of the Candidly Speaking podcast!

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In This Episode:

  • What C and B have been reading lately – The Blue Zones for Bre and Maid for Carrie.
  • A new digital Bachelor spin-off show featuring Tanner and Jade, Ashley I. and Jared, and Nick and Dean.
  • FOX is making their own (seemingly trashier) version of Bachelor in Paradise called “Paradise Hotel” with Kristin Cavallari as the host.
  • The NFL draft in Nashville, which Bre – of course – uses as a way to talk about Taylor Swift dropping new music. C tells B about number #1 pick, Kyler Murray, and him being picked in the first round of both the MLB and NFL draft.
  • Bre gives us hype for the upcoming GOT episode, and Carrie wonders if the whole country is brain-washed over this show.
  • In the Learning Lately segment the girls discuss how striving so much for happiness can actually make you unhappy.
  • Carrie shares a story about an expected moment that is now one of her fondest memories in life.
  • The girls answer a question about having a healthy balance of planning AND action to accomplish a goal.

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