033: Jed’s GBH (Girl Back Home) & Bologna Fights + T-Swift Gets Feisty

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Welcome to episode 033 of the Candidly Speaking podcast!

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In This Episode:

  • Carrie (@carrie.gillaspie) and Bre ( get right into the Bachelor talk!
  • Bre shares her favorite Bachelor Nation follows on social media and Carrie admits that she broke her rule of no following Bachelor contestants on social media for Tyler C.
  • They then get into discussing Hannah’s date with Jed.
  • Carrie teaches Bre about the concept of the GBH: Girl Back Home, and both girls agree they can’t look at Jed the same way in light of the information resurfacing about his GBH.
  • Both C and B agree that Tyler C.’s date and the inclusion of the horses was awkward, but that their dinner and his vulnerability saved the date.
  • The girls are baffled by the continuation of the Luke P. and Garrett saga, and they both applaud how Pilot Pete navigated the awkward group date.
  • They, of course, discuss the windmill heard ’round the world.
  • C and B unpack the huge T-Swift drama with Scooter Braun regarding the sale of her masters. As creators, both girls sympathize with Taylor, and how hard it must be not owning the rights to your work.
  • C and B end the show giving tips for keeping your pets safe during 4th of July weekend! Speaking of firecrackers: spay and neuter!!!

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