037: The Bachelorette Finale: The Roast of Jed Wyatt + Introducing: The CLG Book Club

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In This Episode:

  • Carrie (@carrie.gillaspie) and Bre ( start the show giving their reasoning for why we choose to seek out the spoilers for the Bachelor and other shows and movies.
  • They then touch on the Pilot Pete “drama” and explain why they could care less and still love him.
  • C and B talk briefly about the new information of “windmill-gate”, and give their opinions on Peter’s viability of being the Bachelor.
  • Bre shares she wanted to barf when Jed came out of the limo with the guitar.
  • The girls are both impressed that Hannah’s family had an instinctual bad feeling about Jed from the get-go.
  • Carrie gives her opinion of why Bachelorette’s have a better track record of staying with the person they pick, compared to the Bachelor.
  • C and B discuss the importance of a solid foundation of a relationship, and reminisce on being friends with their husbands for a while before they took it to the romantic level.
  • The girls discuss Jed’s defense and reasoning for why he did what he did, and both support Hannah’s decision to walk away from the relationship.
  • C and B HAVE to chat about Tyler C. and the reunion that happened on stage.
  • Carrie thinks Hannah was a little awkward in asking him out, but also thinks that’s what she loves about Hannah.
  • Carrie shares that all of America’s obsession with Tyler C, makes her not want to be obsessed with him anymore.
  • C and B take time to mention National Mutt Day, and discuss traits they look for in a leader.
  • Bre asks “what question you hate being asked”, and “what was your first first phone”.
  • Carrie shares about her new book club and how you can join in!


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