044: Winners and Losers of BIP + Small Changes Making a BIG Impact

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Welcome to episode 044 of the Candidly Speaking podcast!

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In This Episode

  • Carrie (@carrie.gillaspie) and Bre ( get right into the BIP talk.
  • The girls discuss Angela coming to Paradise.
  • Bre is a fan of the extremely cheesy editing tactics used that last couple weeks.
  • Carrie thinks Sydney is too normal for BIP.Bre admits that she’s rooting for Tayshia and JPJ’s relationship.
  • C and B give their thoughts on Blake’s last ditch efforts with Kristina
  • Bre is surprised to learn that contestants are PAID to be on BIP.
  • Carrie praises Demi and her vulnerability for sharing her struggle to be out with America.
  • Bre finds the Connor and Whitney fiasco “lame”
  • C and B are super pumped to have seen a commercial for a plant-based burger during the show!
  • Both C and B feel the extreme awkwardness of Luke S. being denied his rose.
  • Carrie is pretty over Clay and Nicole,
  • The girls give their predictions for which couples have the best chance to make it outside of paradise.
  • C and B send a big congratulations to last year’s BIP faves – Kevin and Astrid – on their engagement,
  • Briefly discuss the first photos of Tyler C. and Gigi Hadid showing PDA
  • And are sad to say they’ve been a little annoyed with Hannah B. lately.
  • Bre tells us about an amazing teenage activist named Greta Thunberg and how she’s taking stand for what she believes in.


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