049: Candid Current Events | The One With Narwhal the Unicorn Puppy

Hey friends!

Welcome to episode 049 of the Candidly Speaking podcast! Carrie is back with her c0-host Breanna Butler to get candid about the latest current events.

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In This Episode:

  • C and B start the show giving their tips for thriving through winter, instead of just surviving.
  • People’s Choice Awards recap
  • Carrie is obsessed, yet again, with Jennifer Anniston
  • the girls give their thoughts on the Tyler C and Hannah B dynamic and the buzz of them getting back together
  • Bre gives us her opinion on Instagram starting to hide likes from the standpoint of her job in marketing.
  • Carrie is JAZZED to hear there may be a Friends reunion special in the works.
  • This leads the girls into discussing the art of pulling off a good reboot, and how streaming services have changed how TV gets made.
  • C and B talk about Narwhal, the puppy with the tail on his head.
  • Carrie gives a recap of the free spay and neuter clinic she hosted at her farm
  • what it means for a shelter to truly be a “no-kill” shelter.


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