050: Candid Convos | How to Let Your Soul Light Shine Through with Taylor Way


Hey friends!

Welcome to episode 050 of the Candidly Speaking podcast!

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In This Episode:

  • Taylor tells us about her childhood and upbringing.
  • She opens up about her parents divorce at age 2, how she always had a ‘superpower’ for feeling emotions and energy
  • About living through Hurricane Katrina.
  • The girls talk about having an authentic code, and Taylor touches on human design and how her design contributes to her emotional awareness.
  • Carrie asks Taylor how she guards her energy as an empath, and they both agree that society can complicate wellness and self-help.
  • Taylor tells us about a post-college slump that eventually led to her moving to NYC.
  • Taylor explains the energetics of being in sync with the universe and your soul, and gives a tip for finding your passion.
  • Carrie asks Taylor how to go about doing soul work, and valuing your feelings and opinions above the feelings and opinions of others.
  • We get a sneak preview of Taylor’s latest Workshop, Mind Meets Soul!

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