052 | Saying ‘Yes’ & Trusting the Process of Where Your Dreams Will Take You with Julianna White

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Welcome to episode 052 of the Candidly Speaking podcast!

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In This Episode:

  • TV Host, Anchor, and Reporter Julianna White joins Carrie today to share her amazing story with the Candid Crew.
  • Julianna tells us about her childhood and being a shy, reserved child, and shares the moment in elementary school that broke her out of her shell.
  • She shares her college experience: being a full-time student, getting involved in theatre, and beginning work with QVC.
  • Carrie and Julianna bond over their bottom of the totem poll internships that taught them the basics of life on-air.
  • We learn how Julianna began in pageants, her stint in California, and how she got an audition for Miss. Spring Cup.
  • Julianna tells us about making the jump from NASCAR to morning new, finding her groove and growing as a host and journalist, AND the full circle moment when she joined back up with QVC.



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