060 | Doing the Thing You Actually Want to do with Interior & Architectural Photographer Molly Goodman

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Welcome to episode 060 of the Candidly Speaking podcast!

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In This Episode:

  • Carrie welcomes Interior & Architectural Photographer Molly Goodman (@molgoodman) to the show!
  • Carrie asks Mol what it was like growing up in Southern California
  • How she caught the entrepreneurial bug
  • Mol shares what it was like spending a lot of her childhood in Italy, and how it inspired her to study food and wine in college.
  • She tells us about getting her first job out of college and quitting soon after to take up something she’d never really done before – photography.
  • Carrie is curious to hear about how Mol grew her clientele in a crowded market like Southern California
  • Mol shares how she eventually niched down to interiors and architecture and really started thriving in her business.
  • We hear some of the realizations Mol is having during COVID-19
  • She shares some of the ups and downs of owning her own business.
  • Finally, Carrie asks for Mol’s advice to others who want to pursue something other than what they went to college for
  • We finish the show with a few fun rapid fire questions.


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