066: Developing Your Voice & Using Your Platform with TV Host & Producer Alex Wehrley

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Welcome to episode 066 of the Candidly Speaking podcast!

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In This Episode:

  • Carrie (@carrie.gillaspie) is excited to welcomes TV host, producer, and entrepreneur Alex Wehrley (@alexwehrley) to the show.
  • Alex shares where she grew up and what she was like as a child, how she first caught the TV bug, going to college at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, taking part in the Miss. Wisconsin pageant and winning!
  • She tells us about starting in local news after serving her year as Miss Wisconsin, working in Rockford, Illinois, Oklahoma City, and Dallas, taking the leap to head to Los Angeles and getting regular work with outlets like E! News,, Yahoo!, and more.
  • Carrie is curious about Alex’s road to becoming an entrepreneur, how she manages running her business – Empowerista – while also maintaining her hosting career.
  • Alex tells us about her latest digital product – Confidently on Camera – that teaches you how to be authentically yourself on camera, and Carrie wants to know how Alex and her husband, Charlie Berens of the Manitowoc Minute, balance marriage and life with two booming careers.


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