078: Redefining What it Means to be a Creative with Broadway Star Alex Matteo

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Welcome to episode 078 of the Candidly Speaking podcast!

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In This Episode:

  • Alex shares where she grew up and what she was like as a child, how she first caught the preforming bug, and when she learned you could actually sing, dance, and act as a JOB!
  • She opens up about leaving Kansas to pursue musical theatre at the Boston Conservatory, landing her first gig touring with the Addams Family, and spending the next 10 years as a broadway gypsy.
  • Carrie is curious how Alex is caring for herself mentally and cultivating her creativity during COVID 19 while all broadway shows are shut down.
  • Alex fills us in on her incredible podcast – Pill It Together – and what goals and dreams she’s cultivating for the future.


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