081: Hustle and Grit on the Red Carpet with Entertainment Reporter Candice Cruz

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Welcome to episode 081 of the Candidly Speaking podcast!

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I am so excited to share this incredible and fun conversation with you all, Candies! Candice and I clicked from the very beginning (maybe it’s a host thing?). I could have talked to her for hours. What I love most about Candice’s story thus far is that she is completely open about how awesome her job is, while also completely transparent that it takes A LOT of hustle and grit to get there and then to even stay there.

It’s not always easy, and Candice tells us about a few times it wasn’t, but she also says it’s been 1000% worth it.

Please enjoy my conversation with Candice Cruz.


In This Episode:

  • Candice tells us about growing up in Kentucky and going to college at the University of Kentucky, working at UK’s college station, interning for Coach Calipari’s media team, and then getting an internship at ESPN headquarters in Bristol, CT.
  • Candice gives us the INSANE story of how she finally landed in Los Angeles (the story involves going on tour with a boy seriously).
  • Carrie us curious how Candice dealt with the large amount rejection that comes along with acting and hosting.
  • Candice and Carrie talk about how people often think hosting is an “easy” job.
  • Candice tells us about getting her first break in hosting AND Carrie is giddy over the person Candice says has been her fave celeb red carpet interview.
  • We end the show with Carrie wanting Candice’s opinion on some recent pop culture how topics!



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