083: Dreaming a Bigger Dream with Hallmark Channel Producer Katrina Kuss

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Welcome to episode 083 of the Candidly Speaking podcast!

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I am so excited to share this incredible and fun conversation with you all, Candies! Kat and I met through a mutual friend back in January 2020 when I was in Los Angeles taking some meetings for TV work. It’s a small world because she actually went to high school with my husband, Casey. She’s a midwest girl in the creative/entertainment industry so we hit it off right away and I knew she’d be a great guest that ya’ll would love to hear from.

I love her outlook on your career being a journey rather than a destination and how each step is important to get you to the next opportunity.

Please enjoy my conversation with Katrina Kuss.


In This Episode:

  • The show starts with Carrie wanting to know how much Katrina loves living steps from the ocean in Hermosa Beach.
  • Kat tells us about growing up in Omaha, Nebraska, moving to Chicago for college at DePaul University, knowing she wanted to be in front of or behind the camera.
  • Kat shares about her first job out of college doing set design for a feature film, and important things she learned from it.
  • Carrie and Kat discuss why they feel women have a hard time advocating for themselves in the work place, and Kat tells us about moving to LA without a job.
  • Carrie tells us what she finds so magical about Tinseltown, and is curious if Kat ever wants to get back in front of the camera.
  • Kat tells us about her job as a producer for the Hallmark Channel’s morning show, Home & Family, and how things have changed in a Corona world. 


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