087: Lean into Your Weirdness with MotorTrend Post Producer Shobana Rao

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Welcome to episode 087 of the Candidly Speaking podcast!

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I am so excited to share this incredible and fun conversation with you all, Candies! Shobana and I met through a mutual friend back in January 2020 when I was in Los Angeles taking some meetings for TV work. I actually had her roommate, Kat, on the show recently as well (episode 083)!

Shobana grew up in the Chicago suburbs so we immediately bonded over our midwest roots. We also bonded over the fact that the long cold winters are what eventually drew us away from the midwest (ha!).

I loved hearing what it was like being a creative kid in her family when her siblings had more traditional career aspirations (again, I can totally relate), and how she eventually took a chance on herself a moved to LA to pursue her career in Production.

Please enjoy my conversation with Shobana Rao.

In This Episode:

  • Shobes tells us about growing up in the Chicago suburbs, realizing she had the creative bug from a young age, how being a first generation American shaped how she choose her career.
  • Carrie is curious if Shobes has any interest in being a momager for her ridiculously handsome cat Beaumont.
  • Shobes tells us how she and roommate Kat (episode 083) decided to move to LA and how she landed her job in post production.
  • Carrie and Shobes talk about all the vast variety of jobs there are in TV and the creative space.
  • Shobes walks us through how her job has changed in quarantine and what a day is typically like in her job, and Carrie is curious what Shobes’ dream job is.


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