092: Getting Out There & Doing the Work with Milwaukee Brewers Play by Play Announcer Jeff Levering

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I cannot possibly tell you how jazzed I am to welcome an old buddy of mine to the show today! Jeff Levering is the radio play by play announcer for the Milwaukee Brewers. Jeff and I met back in 2013 when we both worked for the AAA affiliate of the Boston Red Sox in Pawtucket Rhode Island.

On day one he started calling me “Sconnie” and immediately rattling off a bunch of random little cities in Wisconsin. I distinctly remember thinking, “who in the heck is this guy?!”

What a full circle kind of a thing that only a few years later he would end up in Wisconsin doing play by play for the Milwaukee Brewers.

It was so much from to be able to catch up with an old friend, and I know ya’ll are going to love this episode. So lets get to it!

Please enjoy my conversation with Jeff Levering.


In This Episode:

  • Jeff tells us what he was like as a child growing up in Sacramento, California, his career playing college baseball and deciding to pursue play by play.
  • Carrie and Jeff discuss how journalism has changed with the rise of social media, and the importance of not only scoring great internships, but being willing to do the work to get the experience.
  • Jeff tells us about getting his first paid gig in play by play, navigating having a family and kids in the chaotic baseball world, the many stops in the minor leagues on his way to the Big Leagues.
  • Carrie reminisces on her first impression meeting Jeff in Pawtucket and his impressive Wisconsin knowledge, and the two talk about how much they both loved Pawtucket and New England, and compare and contrast the midwest to the northeast.
  • Jeff tells us about finding out he got the job with the Brewers during a dinner with Bob Uecker when Bob accidentally let the good news slip, and what it’s like now being able to call Bob not only a co-worker but a friend.
  • Carrie is curious how Jeff stays motivated when he’s already achieved so much at such a young age, and Jeff gives his advice to others who want to do what he does.


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