094 | Using Yours Passions to be of Service to Others with Entrepreneur Branden Bodendorfer

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Welcome to episode 094 of Candidly Speaking!

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I am so happy to welcome entrepreneur Branden Bodendorfer to the show today! Branden is someone I’ve worked with a lot in the past couple of years through freelancing for his business OnFocus. Branden is an idea guy though and through and is always immersing himself in the next thing and following his curiosities. More so than that even, he’s always trying to find new ways to serve people and markets who need it most.

Please enjoy my conversation with Branden Bodendorfer.

In This Episode:

  • Branden tells us about growing up in a rural community
  • Getting his first taste of entrepreneurship doing farm work in the summers
  • What he learned from his first job at Office Max and how that same lesson propels him forward in what he does today.
  • Carrie is curious about the ups and downs of starting a business, and how Branden got the idea to start his digital news platform OnFocus.
  • Branden gives us some tidbits about sales, and being of service to others
  • Walks us through pivoting your business as the market changes and adjusts
  • Tells us about his newest business and product – his digital planner, the Key to Success Planner.


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