095 | Mental Health and Choosing to Stay Here with Find Your Anchor CEO Ali Borowsky

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Welcome to episode 095 of Candidly Speaking!

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I am so grateful to be joined by the CEO of Find Your Anchor, Ali Borowsky for this interview episode!

Ali and I connected through a mutual friend, and after chatting briefly I knew she was someone who’s story I had to have a part in sharing.

Ali spoken so openly and honestly about her struggles with  mental health and how it’s guided and inspired her to help others who face those same struggles.

Trigger Warning: in this episode we talk at length about topics like mental health and thoughts of suicide. If these topics are triggering to you at all, I recommend skipping this episode for your own health and wellbeing.

Please enjoy my conversation with Ali Borowsky.

In This Episode:

  • Ali tells us about her childhood growing up on the east coast
  • The struggles of being a “weird” kid
  • Coming out to her family at 16
  • Going to college in Wisconsin
  • Switching her major from pre-med to graphic design and transferring to art school in California.
  • Ali shares the impact rugby has had on her life and how it helped her grow a community
  • How she made her way back to California for a job in graphic design
  • How she got the courage to take her non-profit full time.
  • She gives run down on Find Your Anchor and how she uses her past struggles with mental health as a way to relate to and help those struggling with mental health issues and to further the conversation about suicide prevention and awareness.
  • Carrie and Ali talk about the barriers a lot of people face when it comes to resources and mental health care.
  • Carrie is curious about Ali’s personal tips for how she cares for herself, and what her vision is for how Find Your Anchor will evolve to help and serve more people.


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