097 | Saying Yes to Everything with Anchor and Meteorologist Derek James

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Welcome to episode 097 of Candidly Speaking!

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I’m excited to be joined by the Anchor and Meteorologist, Derek James for this interview episode!

Derek and I met when I was a contributor at WCCB in Charlotte, North Carolina. We hit it off as soon as we found out we’re both Wisconsinites. And, as it turns out, we grew up about 20 minutes from one another. What a small world it is!

I have always admired Derek’s “can-do” attitude and his willingness to give everything a try. It’s such a valuable trait to have in the world we currently live in and I know you all are going to love hearing his story.

Please enjoy my conversation with Derek James.

In This Episode:

  • We start the show with Derek telling us about growing up in Central Wisconsin and getting his start in radio in high school.
  • Carrie and Derek talk about making mistakes on-air and how media teaches you to move on quickly.
  • Derek tells us about getting a gig reading the morning news headlines on one of the biggest stations in Wisconsin, 95.5 WIFC.
  • The circumstances that took him to Charlotte, North Carolina
  • The gag bit that lead to him becoming a meteorologist!
  • Derek tells us about his transition to TV full time.
  • How he was able to serve the station and how that led to them trusting him and giving him the freedom to came up with his own segment, The Snark Report.
  • Finally Derek tells us his advice to those who want to get into the TV industry.


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