7 Types of People to Unfollow Right Now

This weekend, for some reason, I was inspired to clean out my social media accounts. Basically just Twitter and Instagram. The two accounts with that wonderful little unfollow button. I personally think much like cleaning out your closet, social media should be cleaned out seasonally. It doesn’t need to be a huge epic overhaul every time. It’s just a matter of going through your feed and unfollowing the people you don’t really care to follow anymore. These are the 7 types of people you should unfollow right now.

The ex-boyfriend

I don’t know why this even has to be on the list, because it’s a no-brainer to me, but it isn’t necessarily so obvious to everyone else all the time. Breakups are difficult, don’t make them harder on yourself by continuing to follow someone you previously shared a lot of your life with. Eventually they will most likely post something that will bother you, hurt you, or annoy you. Whether it’s them continuing to wear the shirt you bought them, or them out with *gasp* another girl. Do yourself a favor, and don’t put yourself in this position.

The friends of the ex-boyfriend

If you knew them before the boyfriend then it’s a little bit more complicated and deserves more thought. If you only knew them through your ex-boyfriend, then they need to go. You’re probably not going to see them again and do you really need to see the pictures their friend group all together where you all used to hang out? No, you don’t. That ship has sailed, wave goodbye to it.

The person you did a group project with sophomore year of college and haven’t spoken to since

Sure you thought she was a cool girl then, and we got along just great. But it’s been 5 years and you haven’t seen her since and unless it’s by some kind of miracle, you’re not going to see her again. It was real, see ya!

The person you hate follow

You know that person you follow just so that every time they posts something you can screenshot it and send it to your BFF and be like “omg, look what so and so is up to”. In my case, I used to hate follow the heck out to the Kardashians and every time they’d post something I’d want to puke a little, but yet there I was, still following them. It’s MY feed, I shouldn’t have to feel like puking when I look at them. Unfollowed.

The person who is super negative all the time

Hey negative Nancy! Good to see you again! I see you got pulled over yesterday and spilled your coffee all over yourself. Then on top of that you had to pick up an extra shift at work this weekend and stay late tonight, and OMG you’re soooooo ready for the weekend. Life’s tough, but for some reason it is alllllllways so much tougher for you and you always have to tell the whole world about it. I truly am sorry God, the universe, and mother nature all conspire to derail each and every one of your days so horribly, but I no longer wish to subject myself to your daily rants. Good day to you!

The person who only posts about their pyramid scheme program they want you to join

You make good money and have freedom to work when you want! You never thought something like this could have an impact on your life, but it has saved you and given you the opportunity to grow so much! That’s great! I am truly and genuinely very happy for you! But when you post about it twice a day and I have no interest at all in joining or buying your face cream, make-up, knife set, Tupperware, wraps, or weight loss smoothies, then it starts to wear on me a little. I can only read so many captions about how “it works!!” before I get annoyed and am forced to give you the unfollow.

The person who for whatever reason makes you feel bad about yourself

I used to follow this beautiful talented reporter. She was flawless to me, but for some reason every time she came up on my feed I always felt super bad about myself. It 100% wasn’t anything she was doing. She just always made me think I wasn’t pretty enough, or far enough along in my career, or just anything enough. I follow so many other female reporters, but only this one made those feelings of self-doubt appear. Do yourself a favor and don’t put yourself in that situation. It’s your feed, you shouldn’t feel crappy when you scroll through it.

Name one type of person you should unfollow?


YES to all of these. Let it go let it go!

I love this! It shouldn’t be annoying to go on to your social media and see posts from people you don’t really know or that make you angry! I haven’t cleaned out my Facebook in a while, so maybe I should do that this weekend!

Haha!! The title of this post made me laugh! I’d add the person that is constantly lamenting the “state of despair in the blogosphere/Twitter/general Internet lately” (then, get off the Internet…duh).

And a more complicated one is a friend you have always liked in person, but HATE them on social media (i.e. the person who is going to some chi-chi vacation spot and posts constantly asking for swanky hotel recs or “anyone else going to be there at the same time?”).

I am a big fan of the unfollow button! If someone is posting content that’s not for me I won’t hesitate to remove. There is already so much noise in our lives, I don’t want anything that’s not adding something positive!

I am the unfollow in the moment person but definitely not afraid to do it – people do not stay in our lives forever.

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