Bedroom Makeover for Under $110

As I said a few posts go, I’ve been on a huge DIY kick lately.

I’ve actually spent the last month and a half back home in Wisconsin. While I’m in Wisconsin I live at my parent’s cabin. I’m close enough to see them often, but far enough away that I have my own space and don’t feel like I’m in high school again. It’s a win-win for everyone!

Like a lot of other bloggers, I’m a creative soul. It’s why I love writing, photography, and creating of any kind. I’m always picking up freelance TV hosting while I’m here, but it still leaves me extra time that I would have spent at the baseball park watching my husband play. So of course when I have free time my first thought is to get into something creative.

I decided to take to some sprucing up around my parents cabin. And of course I wanted to start with the room I sleep in.

Because this is a second home, all of the furniture is hand-me-downs. It’s definitely not a decorative wonder (what cabin is?!), but I was still determined to make it shine a little more without spending big bucks.


The bedroom before was busy, had so many different colors going on, and looked like the room of a 10 year old. I hated waking up in it every morning.


The ugly yellow walls were obviously the first to go. I personally don’t think yellow is a good option for wood trim homes. The walls probably look white, but it’s actually a really soft grey, and I love how it looks in this room. I decided to keep the accent wall. My mom liked it and she owns the place, so what she says goes.

Before the make over, this room would get so hot at night, and for a house that has central air that just doesn’t seem right. Well it turns out I had the night stand directly over the only air vent in the room. Good one, Carrie. So I moved the night stand to the other side of the bed and got rid of that awkwardly placed rocking chair that served no point (don’t worry, I reused it in a different area of the house and it is perfect there).I took all the busyness off the wall and created something super simple. That wooden frame is a super old window screen I found in my grandma’s basement! I ripped the screen out of it, put a nail in each corner — just to sure it up, it was a little rickety — and then added a bracket to the back so I could hang it.

I knew I wanted to add a pretty wreath to the middle, but did you know indoor wreaths are low-key really expensive?! I sure didn’t! Every one I found that I liked was $50+. No way I was paying that! I found this wreath on mega clearance at Shopko for $15 and just about squealed out loud. 

I decided to keep to curtains and the dresser. The curtains I think give it a nice feminine touch. The dresser, well, I just didn’t want to bother with it. It needs to be there for functionality purposes and the brown finish goes well with the rest of the room.

I love seeing huge dramatic before and afters where they literally rip everything down to the studs and start over. But the truth is a lot of people don’t have the time, money, or vision for something that huge. I really appreciate these smaller scale room makeovers that just include some new paint and some creativity. You don’t need to spend a lot of money to give a space a nice facelift.

Things I spent money on here:

  • new bedsheets – $50
  • paint – $30
  • the wreath $15
  • the wood to make the headboard (detailed tutorial HERE!) – $12

Everything else I already had on hand and just repurposed or moved into the space from somewhere else in the house. I’m super happy with the results and even more happy I made such a big change for so little money. I love waking up in this room now, and I know other people who stay here will love it too! you don't need to spend a ton of money to make a big change in a bedroom! I did this entire bedroom makeover for under $110!

Have you ever done a small scale facelift to a room in your house?

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