Being a Tourist in Punta Cana

While I loved the adventures I had escaping the tourist traps of Punta Cana, I was prepared to plunge right back into the westernized portion of the Dominican for the day before and day of the wedding of one of my best childhood friends. The beautiful and uninhabited beaches of Playa Limon  turned into the packed beaches of Playa Bavaro.

IMG_8609Local Caribbean beer turned into strawberry daiquiri umbrella drinks

IMG_8611As much as I appreciate getting off the beaten path, I can also appreciate the all-inclusive style of things as well. All in all, I got a great mixture of both during this trip.

The day before the wedding we set sail on a “booze cruise” of sorts. The cruise involved free beer (and vodka and rum drinks), a brief visit to an area for some snorkeling, and then of course a little cruise around the coast.

I had great snorkeling experiences in asia, where a local Thai man would take our lone long-tail to a spot he knew of and we would be free to jump from the boat and explore coral not yet quite discovered by large tourist boats. I saw such amazing coral and fish and it was such a freeing experience.

but when I learned that everyone that wanted to snorkel had to stay in specific spots and had to wear bright yellow floaties around their waists I was immediately turned off. When you’ve experienced it the exact opposite way it’s hard to go back. My friend and I declined the snorkeling portion of trip and stayed on boat.

IMG_8556The good part of not snorkeling was that we could start enjoying the alcohol beverages before most everyone else could (people who intended on snorkeling naturally were not allowed to drink prior to getting into the water).

IMG_8567After snorkeling the boat whisked us off to what appeared to be the party meeting place for every cruise boat in the DR. Here we were encouraged to get off the boat and frolic in the chest high turquoise blue water.

IMG_8578Club music blared from speakers off boats, cruise staff got right into the water with us carrying trays of freshly poured rum and cokes and ice cold caribbean beer, and for about an hour we conversed, drank, and threw around a football in what seemed more like a giant adult pool rather than the Caribbean Ocean.

IMG_8589When we returned to land around 5pm we knew we needed a big dinner and then a lot of sleep because tomorrow was the WEDDING DAY!

sneak peak….




Have you ever been to a destination wedding?


Sounds like so much fun! Can’t wait to see the wedding pictures!

I’ve completely forgotten what the sun looks like at this point, and I am literally shivering at work right now so reading this made me SO jealous! I’ve never been down south, I need to get there STAT.

we’ve magically had sun the past couple of days! it’s been great, but the temp has not gotten above zero all week..sad face. lets run away together to a land far far away full of ponies, and pizza, and puppies!!!!

love the photos!!!! would love to be somewhere warm right now!! 🙂

i feel slightly evil recapping all of this when most of the country has been hit with such a frosty front of weather, forgive me! 🙂

Gorgeous. Now I want to go to the Dominican. Or anywhere warm, really.

somewhere there is lots of boats, and lots of ice cream, so that we can eat ice cream on boats!!

Tradsies??? It’s -25 here today (Toronto, Canada) 😉

no tradsies for this girl, buuuut i’w now back in wisconsin and today was sub zero temps all day long. summer, where are you?!

Lovely post!


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