Best Looks of the Night: 2016 Oscars

The Oscars are the biggest night in Hollywood and for that reason it is my favorite awards show of all time. Traditionally, stars save their best and most dramatic dresses for the Oscars. I’ve seen some great looks this year at The Globes and at the SAGs so I was excited and prepared to be wowed.


Rachel McAdams in August Getty Atelier

oscars.jpgRachel might be my Best Dressed of the entire night. This satin-like fabric can be so incredibly hard to pull off and can often times look cheap and be unforgiving on a lot of body types. This dress is anything but unforgiving on her. The color looks so amazing with her skin tone and her hair color and her body is rocking. She was a show-stopper on the carpet for sure.

Jennifer Garner in Atelier Versace

oscars.jpgJen be like, “Ben Affleck who?” Man oh man is she smoking! The best way to spice up a basic black dress is to add different textures. Jen did this perfectly with this gown. The sparkle on her left side and on her waist line give dimension and a rough texture look to the dress, and the shoulder sash that comes down and bunches adds the extra element of a smoother texture. The mixture of all three of these elements together is perfection. I love her choice of no necklace and simple earrings. She looks phenomenal.

Naomi Watts in Armani Privé


Naomi was like a disco ball that everyone couldn’t help but stare at as she walked the carpet. She was actually only at the Oscars to support her husband, Liev Schreiber. One of the Red Carpet correspondents was saying that she was torn between two dresses and left the decision up to Liev and this was the dress he picked. Bravo to him cause homegirl looks amazing.

Saoirse Ronan in Calvin Klein

oscars.jpgSaoirse is of Irish heritage and was saying in her Red Carpet interview that she picked this emerald green dress to pay honor to her Irish roots. I’m a firm believer that you can look glamorous and sexy without wearing a dress that is completely sheer (looking at you Kim K. and Beyonce). This dress is the perfect example of that. The deep V gives it that touch of sexiness but the rest of the dress is very simple and glamorous. Bravo my dear, you killed it!


This next category is something I haven’t done before, but I felt compelled to do this time around. A lot of times on a carpet I find looks that are so close to being a home-run for me but just fell short. I like to call these near-misses. There were quite a few near-misses for me last night so I knew I wanted to include this section.

Kerry Washington in Atelier Versace


I like this dress a lot in theory, but there are a few things I have a problem with. First, I don’t care who you are, I don’t think leather is ever really appropriate on an Oscars Red Carpet. Second, I think this would have been an amazing dress for the SAGS, but for the Oscars, no way. Third, I think the straps look like a random afterthought and I also think the leather straps that come down onto the white fabric on her hips are not flattering. In your mind, take away the straps, get rid of the black fabric on her hips, and picture her at the SAGs. She’s on my best dressed list no doubt then.

Charlize Theron in Dior


A lot of people were raving about this dress and I have to say in all honesty I was not super impressed. Charlize is a stunning woman and she’s going to look beautiful in anything, so her looking “good” wasn’t the problem for me. I just honestly feel like she could have done a lot better. I was not a fan of how the straps split on the shoulder, but more so than the straps and I hate the necklace and find it to be gaudy and distracting. She should have ditched the necklace and gone with some gorgeous drop earrings which would have added extra glam and drama to her look with out the gaudiness.

Cate Blanchett in Armani


Another look that was the talk of the night. I think this is going to be an iconic Oscar look that people will remember for years and years. The color is gorgeous and unique and the fit is impeccable. In those aspects, this dress deserves top honors. I love the feather flowers on her shoulders, but in my opinion the fact that they went all the way down to the bottom of this dress is what ruins it for me. It’s just too much for me personally. Had the feathers been heavier on the shoulders and then slowly faded away I would be in love with this look, but as it is, it’s a near miss for me.

Alicia Vikander in Louis Vuitton

oscars.jpgAlicia has been rocking the Red Carpet all season long. As beautiful as this color and this dress is, I cannot get past the fact that the bottom looks like a comforter. Bubbled hemlines are god-awful to me in general, but the fact that this is a raised bubble hemline makes my stomach literally churn. The rest of this dress and this look is a huge hit, but the bottom is a complete fail.

Who are your best and worst dressed from the 2016 Oscars?


Totally agree on all of your near misses and worsts.

I think Saoirse is best for me.

I loved Rachel but the wrinkles bothered me…me, who cannot recall the last time she used an iron. HYPOCRITE! LOL

the last time i tired to use and iron i “did it wrong”, like how do you “do it wrong” when it comes to ironing?! so i’m right there with you! lol.

Diane @ Life of Di.

Heidi Klum has terrible taste! I guess she just tries to push fashion boundaries but, c’mon, there is a way to do so without looking like a toddler playing dress-up. I LOVED these ladies dresses: Brie Larson, Satires Ronan (that color!), Cate Blanchett (she can do no wrong in my opinion – so unbelievably beautiful), Rachel MacAdams (forever girl crush – her body is amazing), Jennifer Garner! I thought these dresses were awful: Kerry Washington, Kate Winslet, Olivia Wilde(who I typically LOVE), Lady Gaga!

I didn’t hate Kate Winslet, but it was so boring to me. I couldn’t put it on my worst but I definitly didn’t like it. I was also not a fan of Gaga’s look. she’s been doing to well lately and looking so glamorous on the carpet, but was it just me or did that pant suit thingy make her boobs looks terribly saggy? I’ve seen her hair and makeup look amazing, but I hated both her hair and her make-up! ugh. I didn’t like her look, but I thought there were others who were most worse dressed then her i guess.

I always love hearing your picks Di!! 🙂

Naomi and Saoirse’s dresses are amazing. Clearly, I love me some shiny things. I really loved Brie Larson’s dress too.

lol! i’m a sucker for shiny things too. there’s just something about it that screams movie star.

I have to admit, I didn’t watch the Oscars, but I love seeing everybody’s recaps of Best and Worst dressed! I agree with you about Jennifer Garner and Rachel McAdams, they both looked beautiful! Kerry Washington’s dress didn’t do it for me at all! I thought that the top was all wrong!

The dresses are the best part in my opinion! lol. Kerry is so hit or miss for me. I’ve seen her wearing some stunning gowns and then I’ve seen her look atrocious. this dress was somewhere in the middle for me. I just really think she could have done a lot better.

Saoirse looked amazing. I really liked Cate’s dress, but honestly I don’t think she can do anything wrong in my eyes haha. I thought the same thing about Kerry Washington and Charlize Theron’s dresses.. and I totally agree about Olivia Wilde. She normally looks amazing but that dress was just.. odd. not flattering at all!

I completely agree with you about Cate. I think had anyone else tried to wear that dress it would have been a huge flop. but she’s so beautiful and incredible that everyone was floored by it. She definitely pulled it off better than anyone else could have!

Heidi’s dress…WHAT HAPPENED?!

ugh, I couldn’t agree more. We’re talking about a woman who has access to some of the most amazing designers and dresses in the world! and that’s what she picks!??!

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