The Best Facebook Groups for Travel Bloggers

Last month a wonderful thing happened. I decided to take a planned month away from blogging. It was definitely hard at times, but as I told you in my previous post, a lot of awesome things came from it. One of them being that I focused more on blog promotion, instead of pumping out content.

Some readers asked for specifics about the kind of promotion I did, and what seemed to work for me. I experimented with some Facebook ads and some Pinterest ads, but the thing that really helped me the most was joining and being active in some Facebook groups.

There are hundreds of blogging Facebook groups out there. Among the many different kinds I found were: general blogging, entrepreneurship, mommy blogging, health and fitness blogging, and of course what I’m interested in, travel blogging.

As I told ya’ll in a previous post, one of the things you need to succeed in blogging is a tribe. Facebook groups are a super easy way to meet other bloggers, and help them while they help you as well. It’s a total win/win for everybody. Lets get to the groups!

Ultimate Travel Group

The group is fairly large and it’s always active. This group does a few sharing threads a week, but mostly it’s a good place just to chat and communicate with other travelers and bloggers. Group members are free to post questions about destinations, blogging, social media, and even writing opportunities. Even though there isn’t sharing threads in this group daily, I still recommend it and think it’s been a good group to be a part of.

Travel Bloggers Support Group 

This group has a huge variety of things it helps with. Blog post comments, instagram, twitter, stumbleupon, Pinterest, Facebook, blog surfing, you name it, it has a thread for it. This group does tend to have smaller engagement in its threads so if beginning with huge group with 39048399856 people in a thread scares you, start with a smaller group like this.

Real Travel Blog Promotion & Interaction 

Another group that does a large variety of social shares. There’s a set schedule so you always know what the share will be each day of the week. This group also does a weekly “Facebook Feature” that showcases one blogger. In order to participate in any of the sharing threads for the week you need to support the Facebook Feature blogger in some way. It’s their little way of showing some love to fellow blogger without expecting anything in return.

Travel Bloggers Social Media Sharing

This group I am still relatively new to, but so far I am digging it. Each day of the week is set for sharing on a specific social media platform, and Saturday is a free day for any kind of general sharing. Some groups have several threads per day, and things in the group can get a little stuffy and congested. I like the simplicity of this group with one thread per day.

Instagram Travel

The admin of this post, Caitlin, really does a great job with this group. This group is called “Instgram Travel”, but it has recently expanded even more and now has a few threads for Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. Instagram remains its big gun, but I’m happy to see this group expand.

Travelgram Posse

This is one of my favorite instagram groups. It’s fairly big, and it’s growing at a fast rate. They do daily comment and like threads, and also do something unique called quick likes a few times a day. One of my favorite things about this group is that they have zero tolerance for rule breakers (ain’t nobody got time fa dat). They do daily checks to make sure people are reciprocating in threads so you know when you join this group you’ll be getting back what you give.

Travel Bloggers Guide to Pinterest

This group has been huge for me. In fact, I think this was the first travel blogging group I joined on Facebook. There is one re-pin thread per day, one re-pin thread for the entire weekend, and a weekly thread for comments, questions, and suggestions. It’s a simple group, with basic instructions, and it has really helped me up my Pinterest game.

Ultimate Pinterest Group for Travel Bloggers

This group is nearly exactly the same as the previous Pinterest group above. One re-pin thread per day. It’s simple, straight forward, and hard to mess up. This group has grown a lot and I know the admin was trying to remove some people who were no longer participating in threads. Make sure if you join this group you plan to be semi-active. I post in this group at least once a week.

If you're not taking part in Facebook groups daily you are MISSING OUT! Facebook groups are such a good resource and have helped me TRIPLE my traffic in the last 3 months! These are my favorite Facebook groups for travel bloggers!

 Any Facebook groups you LOVE that I missed?!


Thank you so much for this great list, Carrie! I’m going to join a few of them. I would love to suggest my own group for this post if you wouldn’t mind adding it? It’s still small but growing quickly. Plus, everyone is so engaged within the community. Pitch to Travel Writers is for travel bloggers who want to grow their blog & social platforms while benefiting from the support of more experienced writers and gaining confidence in their pitching skills so that they can start landing travel sponsorship!

Thank you so much for the post! I just joined all of these groups!!

This was super helpful, thank you! Going to try to join some of these Facebook groups you’ve listed!

This listing was seriously so helpful! I actually applied and got into several of the groups, and I can’t wait to start growing my social media more! Thanks for putting these together!

They have been SO helpful to me! I noticed you in some of them this week! yay!!! 🙂

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