Best Looks of the Night: 2018 Emmys

It has been a busy week for me, so I am just now getting to my Emmys Red Carpet recap. If you haven’t heard, I launched my YouTube Channel a few weeks ago! It has been so fun making content and getting it all out there.

You all know how much I love Red Carpet fashion and how much I love doing these recaps, soooo soon I am going to be starting a video version of my red carpet recaps! These recaps will be more in depth than just the blog post. I’ll be giving you my best dressed of course, but also talking about looks that were big misses for me as well. I am so excited to start making these videos! Stay tuned!

Now, let’s get to the Emmys fashion!

Allison Janney in Prabal Gurung

2018-emmy-awards-red-carpet-allison-janneyEver since she was nominated for an Oscar, this woman has been killing it on the carpet! This is such a good example of how you can be age appropriate and still have fun with color and design. I love the head to toe magenta, but what really takes it above and beyond it the emerald earrings and ring.

Jessia Biel in Ralph & Russo

2018-emmy-awards-red-carpet-jessica-bielJessica Biel is consistently a heavy hitter on the Red Carpet for me. Somehow she always looks amazing, on trend, and completely put together. I am not a huge fan of patterns on an awards show red carpet. For me patterns are more of a “movie premiere” type of red carpet, but I am loooooving everything about this.

I saw this dress being compared to Clare Danes a la 2016 Met Gala. That dress was beautiful, it really was, but I take this dress over that one any day. The structure and the fit of this dress are just spot on.

Tina Fey in Ellie Saab 

2018-emmy-awards-red-carpet-fashion-tina-fey.This look was a big risk for Tina. I could see someone like Heidi Klum or Scarlett Johansen in this, but I would never have pictured this for Tina. That being said, I am obsessed!!! I find the belt to be a bit random. There is a black strap of fabric already at the waist, so adding the black belt on top of that seems a bit redundant to me. Other than that, I am so impressed with her and this entire look!

Issa Rae in Vera Wang

red-carpet-fashion-issa-raeYou guys, I love Vera Wang. My wedding dress was Vera Wang. I love almost everything Vera Wang does. So maybe I’m biased, but I loved this look on Issa Rae. The cut and the feel of it is so classic, but the diamonds make it chic and glam at the same time. I think her make-up is spot on and she is just rocking alllllll of it head to toe.

Heidi Klum in Zac Posen

2018-emmy-awards-red-carpet-fashion-heidi-klumHeidi went rogue on me for a while when it came to the red carpet. I mean she was wearing some truly awful stuff  on every carpet I saw her at for a while there. Then all of a sudden this year, she is back and literally killing it every. single. place. I see her. I mean this is what a supermodel looks like people! The draping of this dress gives her curves in all the right places, and her hair pulled to the side really softens up the look.

Kristen Bell in Solace London

2018-emmy-awards-red-carpet-fashion-kristen-bellOh hey, K Bell! How you doin’, girl! The first word that comes to mind when I see this look is chic. From the dress, to the hair, to the make-up, it’s just the chic-est of chic. Her bod looks ahh-mazing, and her skin is literally glowing. What a babe she is.

Tell me your best dressed from the Emmys!

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