Best Looks of the Night: 2018 Met Gala

The Met Gala is one of my absolute favorite red carpets of the year. It’s basically the Oscar’s of fashion. It’s huge, and Met Gala Monday is like Christmas Day for me!

As you may or may not know, each year the Met Gala has a theme. While not imperative, guests are invited and encouraged to dress according to the year’s theme.

This year’s theme was Fashion and the Catholic Imagination.

Alright enough talk, lets get to the fashion!

Best Looks of the Night: 2018 Met Gala

Hailee Steinfeld in Prabal Gurung

Hailee-Steinfeld-Met-Gala-2018-ArrivalsHailee is a Met Gala regular. This girl is only 21 years old, but 2018 was her 8th(!!) Met appearance. Now that is impressive. She looked so angelic walking the carpet in this head to toe white look. This dress is a hit all around, but the fabric on back is really what puts it over the top for me.

I love the touch with the crown and the deep red lip is fire. I’m not a huge fan of the hair – it looks just a little bit messy to me for this particular look. I would love to have seen it pulled away from her face.

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley in Ralph Lauren 

2018-MET-gala-rosie-huntington-whiteleyRosie legit looked like an angel walking the carpet last night. The halo gets a little lost in the photo, but I’m telling you, on-screen and as she walked the carpet it was thee absolute perfect subtle touch to this look. She looks absolutely stunning. Her make-up is pretty basic, yet still glamorous and really just lets her natural features shine through. I also love the simplicity of her hair and how it’s pulled away from her face.

Rihanna in Maison Margiela

2018-MET-gala-rihannaRiRi is known for being the queen of the Met Carpet. She’s just one of those people who always goes for it, and this year was no different. She slaaaaaayed in this white beaded corset mini dress under a full skirt, with a matching beaded Pope’s hat (formally called a “mitre”). There’s no doubt this look is fire, but I have to say, it looked super uncomfortable as she walked the carpet. It looked so heavy, and bulky, and she kept pulling the mini skirt down. Once again proving high fashion is not for the faint of heart.

Gigi Hadid in Versace

Gigi-Hadid-Met-Gala-2018-ArrivalsThis isn’t what I would have thought Gigi would have showed up in, but I love it! Her hair and make-up is really understated, which helps the dress shine. I loved how this dress hit the theme in a more subtle way then some of the other gowns on the carpet. I mean I can appreciate the obviousness of Riri’s gown, but I also love how this dress mimics the traditional stained glass windows of a church. This is what makes the Met Gala so fun – everyone is given the same theme, but the interpretations of the theme are all different.

The fit of the body of this dress is impeccable, but the fabric on her right arm looks a little slouchy and the length of the sleeve is  little awkward in my opinion. I would have loved to have seen the sleeve come down just a liiiiitle bit more on her wrist, OR just get rid of the sleeve all together. Nevertheless, she was one of my faves of the night.

The last three are my absolute favorite looks from the night

Jennifer Lopez in Balmain

2018-MET-gala-jennifer-lopezOH. MY. GOODNESSSSSSSS. My brain literally almost exploded when I saw J Lo on the carpet. Like, just insane. She nailed the theme while also looking incredible, high fashion, and just flawless. I love the color combo, the shape of the dress, the fit, the high slit making it just a little sexy, and of course the feather train. I love literally everything – head to toe – flawless. There’s not a single thing I would change.

Kim Kardashian in Versace

Kim-Kardashian=Met-Gala-2018-Arrivals-2It’s been a while since Kim has really hit a home run on the red carpet for me personally. That being said, man oh man did she bring it last night! Unlike some of my other faves, she went for pretty dramatic make-up, and I love it with this look. This dress is tailored to absolute perfection. It looks like a second skin on her. Bravo Kimmy!!!

Blake Lively in Atelier Versace

Blake-Lively-Met-Gala-2018-ArrivalsI love Blake Lively. I always have. She’s one of my favorite people to see on any red carpet, because I think she’s a natural beauty, she has a great body (that still resembles a normal person), and I love her personal style. She killed it with this look. It is so spot on with the theme, yet it still looks insanely high fashion without being ridiculous (looking at you Katy Perry and Cara Delevingne). Anyway, Blake, you’re a Queen! I love love love this look!

Runner’s UpAmber Heard in Carolina Herrera, Olivia Munn in H&M, Emma Stone in Louis Vuitton, and Priyanka Chopra in Ralph Lauren

Tell me your best dressed from the Met Gala last night?

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