Best Looks of the Night: 2015 Grammys

I need to pre-face this post before we start. When I sit down to write these posts I look at a lot of different looks, and to be honest sometimes there are outfits that are seemingly wonderful, but I am so incredibly over seeing a certain look that I do not bother to include it either. That being said, I am 1,000,000% over the long sheer dresses with a flowery sort of design with a nude jumper underneath. While I’ll admit I’ve seen it pulled off on the Red Carpet, I feel like every day I see this outfit on someone. It’s an overused trend according to me and it needs to die. like right now. In fact, I would personally like to burry this trend and pray to the good Lord of fashion that it never comes back.


so that automatically takes this look off the list for me..


and this one..


even Queen B can’t make me love this look.


They all look lovely, really they do, but because it’s the 1089394893 time that I’ve seen this look on Red Carpet I’m sorry but you’re boring me, and none of you can now qualify for the “best” list.

now that we’ve covered that…


Gwen Stefani in Versace

It is not often that I put a woman in a pant suit at the top of my best dressed list from a Red Carpet, but HOLY. COW. This is a star. Hair, makeup, fit, shoe, everything is perfection. My favorite thing about this look is that she went with a nude lip and pretty minimal make-up. My first thought would be to mix the masculine-ness of the pants with very feminine make-up with dramatic eyes and a bright red lip, but Gwen proves me wrong with the nude lip and subtleness of her make-up. The second I saw her I knew she would be at the top of my “best dressed” list.

Taylor Swift in Elie Saab


I have no words.

This might be one of my favorite dresses ever made, and while I’m not obsessed with Taylor the way the rest of the world is, I could not picture anyone else pulling this off other than her. This dress would have been amazing if it would have been completely floor length all the way around, but the short length in the front, and the pop of the purple shoes really takes this look over the top. 100% perfect in every way.

Lady Gaga in Brandon Maxwell

Can I just remind us all that this is the same woman who showed up on a Red Carpet a few years back in a dress made completely of meat…just let that sink in for a second. When dresses have a really dramatic low cut I’m not a fan of “cleavage jewelry”, but I absolutely love the pop of emerald in her earrings. I have never seen Gaga look this chic and put together. She looks like the huge star that she actually is. As beautiful as this dress was, I think her performance dress was even more beautiful yet than this dress. Huge applause for Gaga all around this Grammys.

Nicki Minaj in Tom Ford


Nicki is one of those people I was expecting to show up in something slightly ridiculous on the Red Carpet, but look at her being a beautiful celebrity and all that jazz. For me personally I wish this dress wouldn’t have tapered off. It kind of reminds me of an old cassette tape that’s been pulled apart. Nonetheless, the dress is still gorgeous, her hair and make-up remind us all how pretty she is when she doesn’t have pounds of weird make-up on her face.

Iggy Azalea in Armani Privé

I was so busy noticing how banging her body looks in this dress that it took me a while to even realize how horrible her hair is. She has really unique and beautiful skin tone and this color just accentuates it even more. This dress is so close to being a home-run for me, but once again, the sheer part at the bottom disgusts me; other than that, two thumbs-up.

Katharine McPhee in Emilio Pucci


This is what a well-fitted dress looks like. The color looks amazing with her skin tone and her body looks absolutely flawless. I love the earrings and the make up, but I hate hate HATE, the slicked back, almost greasy hair look. Had she pulled the hair back into a low chic bun she would have been completely spot on in every way.

Who are your best and worst dressed from the Grammys?


I didn’t see photos of Gwen Stefani last night. She looks FAB! 🙂 I love that outfit (and her body is always amazing.) I also wholeheartedly agree about Taylor Swift’s dress. It was my favorite that I saw. Iggy Azalea’s dress was a great color + design (with the exception of the bottom) and Rihanna looks like she should be sitting atop a cake of some sort. Now where we disagree…I HATE Lady Gaga’s dress. I think she looks like a hooker. Sorry Gaga. I’m not liking her 1) hair 2) jewelry or 3) the cleavage. I do like her makeup though.

I totally see what you’re saying about gaga. I have just been so horrified at some of her past year stunts, who could forget that year she arrived on the carpet and was being carried on some type of stretcher looking like thing inside of what looked like a huge human sized egg. and of course the meat dress, omg i wanted to vomit. i guess i was just so impressed she was taking the time to look like a real human being.

Rihanna-WHYYY. She’s literally lost in that dress. You could be 500 pounds and not even know it because it’s that big! She probably has her assistant hiding under there or something.

Taylor Swift nailed it. I want her shoes SO badly. I love the colors she chose and just everything.

Kim looks AWFUL! I wouldn’t wear that even if I was paid to. Apparently Kanye picks out her outfits and I can’t even begin to imagine how drunk he was when he decided this was a good idea.

Miranda and Blake were adorable as always.

Madonna looked GOD AWFUL. I think she’s in denial of her real age. Seriously you just can’t unsee some things.

One other that you missed that I wanted to cringe at was Pharrell and whoever was with him. They both looked awful.

I am so over madonna. I seem to be shaking my head at her every time i see her these days. miranda and blake are adorable as always. i thought dierks bentley looked very handsome too!

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