Best Looks of the Night: 2014 Oscars

The Oscars is the biggest social gathering of beautiful and talented people in one spot, it’s natural that I would want to recap my thoughts! Buckle up folks! Honest opinions coming your way.


Kate Hudson in Atelier Versace


Is it just me of does she have the perfect half smile/fierce face ever? She has mastered she Red Carpet walking cause she looks head to toe put together and on it. I love the cape trend we’ve being seeing lately, love the deep V, and the hair is beautiful. Just love it all.

J. Law. in Christian Dior Couture 


I love the simple elegance to this dress. It’s so announcing of her presence but in a very subtle way. I love the peplum trend and the softness of the hair is spot on. The only thing I do not like here is that weird “I just lost my dog” look on her face. She looks so..fake..? I love a girl who comes down the carpet big smile and all. This look on her face needs to go.

Amy Adams in Gucci


Not gonna lie, I was expecting her to show up with a gorgeous deep V dress like what her character in American Hustle wore, but I was definitely impressed with this little number as well. Not a lot of detail on the dress, but she really has a killer body and this simplicity of this dress shows it off. I wasn’t to hot on her hair style, I think because the dress was so simple she could have done something a little more fun with her hair, and I also feel like she needs a necklace. A few awards seasons ago she came to a carpet event with this big beautiful statement necklace that topped her whole look off perfectly. I feel like she stopped a little short in that department.

Lupita Nyong’o in Prada


Seriously, this girl can do no wrong. The color. Her skin. The accessories. I have no words, just perfect.

Sandra Bullock in Alexander Mcqueen


Once again with this deep blue, I think it is fabulous. This is the type of hair style I think Amy Adams could have pulled off with her gown. The silhouette this dress gives her is amazing. This dress to me is just so age appropriate for her, and the curls to the side with the natural make-up. The whole look was a home run for me.

Lady Gaga in Atelier Versace


Besides the curtain that someone obviously tried to strange her with…I think this is the best I’ve ever seen Gaga look. The sparkle and the lines of this dress make her body look insane. Curves in all the right places. Two thumbs up to the lady on this one.

Maria Menounos in Johanna Johnson

oscars best

She could come to the Oscars in a trash bag and people would still be in awe of her. sShe is just a beautiful girl, and I loved this dress for her. The softness of the hair is perfect. Braids on the Red Carpet can look like a sleepover party gone bad, but hers look soft and elegant. The extra detail on the cap sleeves and on her waist, really accentuate how great her figure is. Elegant, sophisticated, with a little sparkle. Just perfect.

Best Dressed Males

Michael B. Jordan in Givenchy


Take notes fellas. This is what a well tailored suit with a cleaned up man looks like. He is gorgeous, and his shoes because the rest of him is so put together he can pull off the shoes. Love love LOVE!

Joseph Gordon-Levitt in Calvin Klein 


The bow tie. A much harder concept to pull of than you’d think, but this guy just dashingly handsome and perfect in every way. This suit has a little sheen to it compared to most suits, which I like a lot. He takes the classic black and white tux looks and makes it unique to him with a subtle difference. He nailed it.

Leonardo DiCaprio in Giorgio Armani


Swooooon. He looks very Gatsby-esque here. The suit is tailored perfectly, face cleaned up, hair slicked back, This is what a man going to the Oscars should look like people! I do feel like the mid section of his coat needs to be taken in a bit more. The arms look well tailored, but there is buckling where he buttons the jacket and ideally that should not be there. Other than that, fabulous.

Best Dressed Couple

Jason Sudeikis in Prada and Olivia Wilde in Valentino 


They might be the most beautiful couple I have ever seen. I think I have an equal amount of a crush on both of them. Just flawless.

Who are your best and worst dressed from the Oscars?


[…] can! she was a disappointment to me during most of awards season this year, in fact she made it to my worst dressed list for the oscars!! but this dress, the shape, the folds on the top, the white to black contrast…just perfect! […]

[…] gave you my opinions on the best and worst dressed at the oscars […]

perfect. literally just perfect. in my mind leo does no wrong.

Totally agree with nearly all of yours! I thought Lupita totally rocked that color and she was my fav outfit of the night. Does Kate Hudson age? Like at all? I need to know her skincare routine and STAT.

I know right!! she has looked the same..(if not better) for at least 15 years. I remember her coming to an awards show a couple of years back with this beautiful body skimming white dress with a completely open back. literally everyone just stopped and turned to look at her when she arrived. I feel like some jaws dropped too. she was STUNNING.

I missed most of the red carpet, so I’m so glad you did this! Have you seen #fashionbymayhem yet? If you like all the red carpet looks, you have to check that out – a little girl and her mom recreate red carpet looks with stuff from around the house, and it’s awesome.

I haven’t heard of that! but it sounds hilarious. I’ll check it out and let you know!!

I loved Lupita. Everything she wears is just great. I love JLaw no matter what. She’s gorgeous in red. If she had to lose I’m glad she lost to Lupita. They are both so down to earth and humble.
I’m SO happy that Dallas Buyers Club won so much. That movie just stuck in my head and Jared and Matthew were phenomenal in it!
I loved Kerry Washington’s gown for a pregnant woman. So much better than those really tight ones.
My favorite part was when Kendall looked at me and said “is Ellen going to give them all their money back that she took for pizza?!” Hahahaha.
Ellen was the best part!

Oh man I totally forgot about Sandra!! I loved her look!! I agree with the hair/necklace for Amy Adams! And hot damn I just love Olivia & Jason so much. Too much attractive for one photo!

like they are going to have probably the most beautiful baby in the world..i really don’t see anyway they could end up with an average looking child.

i would so not peg you as a best dressed oscars person but I love that you are! um the first three dresses stunning. I am sorry though, anna kendrick’s dress. just what??? like hideous

haha really?!?! yay for learning new things about each other!! i was so sad to see anna bomb so bad this year with her look. she’s looked so stunning in past shows and i was actually really surprised she picked such an awful get up.

i have such a lady crush on jlaw. she’s so beautiful and NATURAL. swoon.

i usually dont watch any award shoes… thats what twitter & blogs are for the day after 😉

as much as i love pharrell’s ‘happy’…. dear Lord that is the worst look I have ever seen.

i just wanna be jlaw’s bff. i feel like we’re destined to be bff’s and she just doesn’t know it yet. creepy? maybe. oh well! haha 🙂 and i literally had to look away from the TV when they showed pharrell. i was embarrassed for him.

Omg, I was screaming at the tv (thank you glass of red wine with dinner…Caitlin is a lightweight) that Amy looked beautiful but needed a necklace. Joe thought I was nuts, but now I can show him I was right haha. The only people I would add to your best dressed list are Idina Menzel and Kristen Chenoweth. I thought they both looked gorgeous, too 🙂 And we shared a brain on your worst dressed list since I said the very same things (slightly less loudly) about all of them!

lol tell joe that you were most definitely right about amy needed a necklace!! and i agree about kristen chenoweth, she looked great too, (but i started to realize my list was getting really long, so i had to make cuts) haha, sorry kristen! honorable mention to you!!

I am in love with Lupita! I want to steal the dress.. Of course it wouldn’t look half as good on me. She looked so so so amazing….. Kerry Washington – Comforter set? I totally thought it was the tent that was on sale. I like comforter set better… Olivia Wilde was stunning. the hair omg that hair.

lupita wins all around best dressed for the whole awards season because every single show she knocked it out of the park. and her acceptance speech, just beautiful. she’s actually from Nairobi, kenya, which is where my sister lives right now. i feel like that means we know each other!!! haha.

Love love love everything about J.Law. Serious woman crush on her; especially considering the fact that she tripped (again) and continues to make fun of herself. I’m not usually a big awards show person but I love Ellen so i did tune in to these.

omg ellen!!! i’m completely against being obsessed with people i have not met personally, but ellen is the exception!! i just LOVE HER!!! haha 🙂

I was a bit disappointed with Jennifer Garner too. But Maria Menenuous blew it out of the park!

the past couple of years jen has knocked it out of the park with her oscar dresses, but this year..ugghhh, just awful.

I totally agree with you about maria menounos, she is so gorgeous and I love her capped sleeves!

she really is. and she always looks so elegant and classy. never too revealing or overly sexy. whatever it is she got it.

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