Boho Bedroom Inspiration

For some reason, ever since we moved to Arizona for spring training I cannot get enough boho.  I don’t know it’s living in the desert, or just being near the west coast but I want all the boho things all the time. And not just in home decor, but in fashion as well – that’s a post for a mother time.

Anyway, now that I’m back in Wisconsin for a bit, I’ve set my sights on infusing my boho-ness all over my parent’s cabin. Specifically in this bedroom, which has already come a loooooong way since I first got my hands on it.

Boho Bedroom Inspiration What I love about the boho trend is that it’s laid back and relaxed, but still always put together. Something about it is effortless and comfortable yet, always chic in a non-chic way. If that makes any sense?

I tend to gravitate more towards the neutral earth tones, but I’ve also seen some beautiful boho spaces that are full of bright and fun colors. Texture is also a huge part of the boho theme. Things like macrame, fringe, feathers, woven materials, and natural wood are all commonly elements of boho space. I’m definitely looking to incorporate all of these elements into my boho bedroom refresh (<— I guess that’s what I’m calling it now, haha).

I can’t wait to share the final results of the bedroom with ya’ll in a few weeks! In the mean time take a peak at some of the spaces that I’m currently getting tons of boho bedroom inspiration from.

Here’s some of my current boho bedroom inspiration

Boho Bedroom Inspiration VIA
Boho Bedroom Inspiration I can’t find a source for this pic. If this is your beautiful bedroom or photo please let me know so I can credit you!
Boho Bedroom Inspiration VIA
Boho Bedroom Inspiration VIA
Boho Bedroom Inspiration VIA
Boho Bedroom Inspiration VIA
Boho Bedroom Inspiration VIA

Is anyone else crushing on boho like I am?

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