The Clear Skin Diet – Does it Work?

Since entering my mid-twenties I feel like I’ve gone into a random land of still worrying about acne and breakouts, but also starting to worry about wrinkles. It’s a strange place to be and I’m still learning how to navigate it. But the Clear Skin Diet looked interesting so I decided to buy the Kindle version and give it a read.

If off let me say, a lot of the people in this book have very severe cystic acne. I do not nor have I ever had that kind of acne. Any skin problems I’ve had have always been basic and pretty minimal. The Clear Skin Diet

About the Book

The book is written by Nina and Randa Nelson. The two are beautiful girls who started modeling and acting at a young age. They had a good amount of success and were living a semi-celebrity type life, until their teens hit and they both got horrible, painful, cystic acne. They went to doctor after doctor and tried every topical, cream, peel and antibiotic out there with little to no success.

After seeing some miracle health improvements when their mom changed her diet, they decided to see if a different diet could help their skin. Thus, the Clear Skin Diet was born. It is a vegan, low-fat diet. Lets start by talking about the 6 clear skin guidelines.

The Clear Skin Diet Guidelines

  1. plant foods only, no animal products
  2. unrefined starches should be the cornerstone of your diet
  3. avoid all oils
  4. avoid high-fat plant foods
  5. eat whole foods, food as grown, minimally processed
  6. eat simply; variety is not important, repetition can promote long-term success

What I liked

I think a huge problem with American culture today is that most of the time we treat the symptoms not the problem. Have high blood pressure? take this pill! Have acne? put this cream on or take this antibiotic! There is a root cause from all problems. Treat the cause and the symptoms go away (I could go off on a whole other tangent about this but I’ll spare you and save that for another post).

What I liked most about this book is that it is treating the root cause of acne, not the symptoms. When you put bad things in your body, you feel bad. If you want clearer skin, stop eating shit. Our bodies are not naturally made to digest all the weird preservatives, additives, and fake ingredients that go into a lot of the food on our grocery store shelves. We cannot expect government guidelines to keep the bad stuff out of our food (or our beauty products unfortunately). This is just the truth.The Clear Skin Diet - Does it Work?

What I Didn’t Like

This diet is a big change, even for someone like me who was already meat-free. The girls put a couple of things off limits that I didn’t really like. For example, things like avocados, nuts, and nut butters were completely off limits (because of their high fat content). These are healthy foods that I eat quite often. It was hard for me to put them in the “off limits” category. I excluded them from my diet for a little bit, but I’m not interested in taking them out of my diet completely. It’s just not something I’m going to do.

The girls also recommend cutting out alcohol and coffee. Sorry, not going to happen. Beer and coffee are two of my most favorite things in the world. As long as I’m not putting down 4 beers a night or sucking down 2% milk lattes everyday I’m not worried about the affect either of these has on my skin. They’re good for my soul so they stay.

Something that isn’t necessarily hard for me, but I know would be for others is their motto of eating simply and avoiding variety. I can do this for the most part, but my husband for example, hates hates hates eating the same thing over and over again. Even if he really loves it, he needs variety in his diet. I can eat oatmeal each morning and love it, he cannot. I know he would struggle a lot with this guideline.

My Thoughts and Results

My results were great! Even in the short amount of time I did the diet (probably only a week) my face was clearer and brighter. I think the girls brought up some great points, and really made me think about what works for me. 

There is no doubt in my mind that diary is not great for my skin. I had always kind of thought that but because I never went vegan I wasn’t 100% sure. This diet proved to me without a doubt that when I eat a lot of diary my face breaks out in varying levels. I will not stay completely vegan, but I am going to be more mindful about it, and keep my consumption of it to a minimum.

This also made me think about my fat consumption. I do not believe fat is bad for you. But I can see that too much fat – even the good kind – can affect your skin. As I said before, I am not going to cut out avocados and nuts, but I may be more mindful of not going overboard when I do eat them.

There are some changes I’m going to keep from the process. For example, my new breakfast routine!

I eat breakfast first thing in the morning. It’s almost always a jazzed-up bowl of oatmeal. When I say jazzed-up I mean that I add a huge spoonful of peanut butter and yogurt to it. It makes it soooo creamy and delicious and really decadent. With this diet I had to ditch the PB and the yogurt. The first morning I just ate the oatmeal plain and it tasted awful. I was like eww, no way. So the next day I did the plain oatmeal but add a sliced banana and blueberries to it. OMG, YUMMM!! This was a complete game changer for me. The PB and yogurt was great but the diet made me see it was a little too decadent and just not necessary (especially since I’m minding my diary consumption more now).

This process also reminded me that taking things out of your diet is only half the battle. Adding good, nutrient rich foods in their place is really the key here. Food has the ability to heal your body in a way that no doctor prescribed medicine can.

If you are struggling with your skin I definitely recommend grabbing a copy of The Clear Skin Diet!

buy it: here

The Clear Skin Diet - Does it Work?

Have you read the Clear Skin Diet? I’d love to hear your thoughts and results!

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