Crushing On: Blush

I used to love hot pink – like, love it. In fact, I once had hot pink highlights in my hair #college.

Then I got to my mid-twenties and I hated anything and everything pink. I became more and more about the neutrals. My husband often teases me that if it doesn’t come in gray or black I don’t want it (and he’s not that far off). But now all of a sudden I have a major crush on pink’s more sophisticated older cousin: blush! crushing on: blushIn the past month alone I’ve bought 3 new pieces of clothing in blush.

I am loving how versatile of a color it can be. Maybe it’s just Spring in the air, but I have been pairing my blushes pieces with a soft white and denim, like in the photo above. I also love it for accessories! Two weeks ago I needed a new wallet and I shocked myself completely when I choose the blush pink one over the natural brown leather. Insane I know!

I’ve rounded up a few of my faves in blush. Check them out below! Crushing On: Blush

My Blush Favorites

Tell me what your crushing on lately!

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